Friday, January 28, 2011

Speed Demon!

On the paws of my successful Weigh In Weds, Daddy took me for an extra special walk. He told me to get ready...we were gonna measure my pug speed! I suffer from some odd condition Daddy calls, "Spontaneous Pug Runoff." I get an odd twitch and feel the need to run as fast as I can....for no other reason then I'm a Pug...

We did a few test runs, found a good spot and I was ready....And we were off! Daddy ran with me for safety (he's pretty fast for a hooman) and I ran...ran...ran...Took a break, and did it a few more times. I was in full runnin pug mode!

And...guess what, I was sooper fast! 11.33MPH!!! I'm not sure what that means, but Daddy said it was sooper fast, almost greyhound doggie fast, sort of!

Daddy told Mommy, and she kind of panicked, 'cause she thinks I will run away and not come back. I would never do that, I promise.

My best bud Spencer is pretty fast, I've seen him run like a crazy pug when we play. I wonder how fast he is?


  1. Look at you being so fast! We would love a race :) BOL
    Maddy and Owen

  2. I've had the pleasure of walking many pugs as a pet sitter and I laugh every time they suddenly go into pug-frenzy mode! I love watching them run around in circles because their eyes bulge out and their tail flattens. I imagine that's why you look like at high speed! Am I right?
    By the way, I am hosting a SILLY SATURDAY PHOTO CAPTION CONTEST today in preparation for my 300th post so do stop by if you have time!

  3. I do that too. I love to run crazy in the back yard, around the playset. Mom laughs, but she doesn't try to stop me. Unless I body slam Lucky. lol

    Great job.


  4. Zoom zoom! Wonder how fast we run. Tallulah won last year's pug race with Petunia a very close second.

  5. Our human thought we were just a little goofy with our sudden fits of running but now she knows its a pug thing. Congratulations on your weigh in Weds results. We were bummed that we couldn't go to Pt. Pinole but Phoebe scratched her cornea that day and we went to the vet instead. We hope to see you at PugSun this weekend but its the superbowl so we a lot of pugs will be busy. We also found out that Pt. Isabel has a monthly pug meet-up; the next one is on Feb. 19.They meet by the cafe. We are super excited to go. Have a great week. Hope to see you soon.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  6. Hi Bella,
    We do that crazy runnin thing too. Me and my brother Eli zoom all around the bedrooms, up & down the stairs and onto the beds. Mom laughs and makes sure to stay out of our way cause we are KA-RAZ-E.
    When I do agility I run so fast my tail straightens out and mom pants harder than me when we are finished.
    Runnin Pugs from San Antonio
    Emmitt and Eli

  7. Hi Bellatrix
    Wanna race?
    Love Noodles