Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jowl Juice

As many of you know, my bestest bud is Spencer, and we like to play A LOT! When lots of playing occurs, we get a phenomenon that in my house is called "Jowl Juice", and it freaks dad out. See us pugs, in all of our adorableness, have jowls. These jowls are like our own personal purse. We can store (or hide) things for hours in there, and pull them out when we have need. Case in point, dad lets me hang outside in the backyard (shhhh don't tell mom I'm unsupervised) while he does dad things (ie watch Man v. Wild). When he does check up on me (every commercial break) I like to hide that twig I'm chewing on up inside my jowl until he leaves, then I can resume chewing. He's none the wiser and I've got my twig.

But jowl juice is something different all together. It requires water (I prefer a nice cold filtered water) and a bowl of your choice. Next make sure you sniff your water (if anything is floating in it-other than a hot dog-then snub the me mom's will get you fresh water....just orb her) then if it meets your standard begin to slowly drink the sweet elixir. When possible, expand your jowls, and store. Now the trick is to step away from the bowl (don't worry how much of your saliva is in there...again mom will rinse the bowl and give fresh don't panic) and let all that jowl juice-now a wonderful mixture of water/saliva/twigs/dirt/leaves out of your jowl. Better yet slowly release the juice while walking away thus getting it all over the kitchen floor that dad just moped up. Now I know one (or both) of your parents may give you "the look", but oh well, they are the one cleaning the floor right? If you really want to upset the 'rents, once they clean up and walk it again...hehe serves them right not giving you that extra cookie.

On a side note...I want to wish my friend Anakin a quick recovery from surgery. Poor Anakin has had a rough few day...and it was his birthday to boot. So I ask everyone to please send pawsitive pug thoughts his way and to keep his mom and dad in your thoughts. Anakin, we're all sending you a giant (( Pug Hug!!))


  1. Hehe, my mummy hates my jowl juice to!

    Oisín x

  2. Please get well soon, Anakin. We will be sending lots of pug healing vibes your way.
    Zoey & Phoebe

  3. Uhm, do all pugs have jowl purses? Or is that just another special Bellatrix feature?? I must know more.

    I mean, if I had a secret place in my mouth to hide stuff, I'd totally fill it with rocks and woodchips!

  4. dad hates my jowl juice too. But loves me!

    Zoey and Phoebe....Anakin's mom posted that he's feeling better. Getting lots of rest and such. Keep sending good thoughts his way. Pugs are powerful in our thoughts

  5. Puglet,
    Spencer is fawn and his jowl juice is out of control! Dad would freak out if that was all over our house. His mom says he likes to jowl juice all over their house, isn't that cute? So I think it's a pug thing. Maybe you got small jowls?

  6. Yup... I make jowl juice and share with my faves... it is especially lasting on the windows and mirrors! I think it is just another thing that makes us adorable.

  7. Hehehe! I make jowl juice and Mom hates it! She steps in its while in the kitchen bare foot and gets so mad. I love how you give tips for hiding other things in my jowls...thanks Bellatrix your pawsome!


    PS Tuni doesn't hide anything in her jowls due to her giant tongue...hehehe! She does though flick stuff everywhere!

  8. Oh Spencer, we are adorable and I love your jowl juice. I look forward to sharing some together tomorrow.

  9. Hiya Sequoia, I'm always happy to share a tip, us pugs have got to stick together. I love that Tuni flicks stuff around, that is so neat. I don't really do that, but I do like it when mom or dad steps in my jowl juice. Good times

  10. Hello's Belly Buttons!! Guess who's it be's!
    It be's Anakin Mans!! I's starting to feels betters! Alls the kind wordys and taughts and pawayers and danks for the nods in your posty posts too's! Very nice!! :@)

    Mommy and Daddy has to wipes my mouth withs a wash clothes 'day keeps by my water dishy every times I's drinky drinks. I drips everywheres. I be getting It's all overs my furs and my paws and 'den on Mommys laps and on Izzys head and Daddys feet and soon 'da entire house has Anakin dribbies. (hu hu's)

    My sister Izzy is a water snob. She will only drink 'da water when Mommy just puts it in da bowls. Others wises she will goes thirsty and sit 'deres and pants.

    Josie doesn't care much, but she is a little more dainty with how she drinky drinks.
    Mommy knows the sounds of all of our slurps...withouts looking she be knowing and stuffs who's drinkings.
    Nice to be back and playing agains...
    Your friends,
    Anakin Man

  11. I must try this. I hide things in my jowls all the time its very fun. I have watched this man vs wild show with my daddy he seems to enjoy they eat weird stuff in that show.