Friday, March 11, 2011

Battle Vacoom!

Today was a good day! My tummy was back to normal, and I had the whole day with my Daddy! Since he was being a bit lazy, I decided to do my lazy pug best just to hang out on the sofa and watch the magic box. But Daddy had other plans, and we decided to goto the doggie park. After some serious puggy playtime, we headed home.

This is where it all changed. See, Daddy needed to do some chores, and that usually means one of the noisy machines comes out of its hiding place, and I don't like the noisy machines. Daddy calls it a "vacoom." All I know is that he drags it around the hairy part of the wood floors, taking away some of the tasty chewy morsels my chewies leave behind. So, what can I do but my best Protecto-Pug and bark...bark...and bark! Daddy has tried helping me make friends with the vacoom, but nothing works, not even when he tries to bribe me with my favorite treats. I just dont like the big yellow thing.


  1. Bellatrix, we have the same exact "vacoom" in this house, and Flora seems to regard it as her mortal enemy as well! She does this crazy, high-pitched yapping-bark at it, as if she might scare it off. ;) To no avail, though, as the floors must get clean!!
    At any rate, Flora feels Belly's pain re: the Evil Vacoom!

  2. Belly you are braver than me....I run and hide from those vcooms. I am proud you bark back it, maybe you and I should team up against those machines!


  3. The vacoom is too our enemy. Phoebe has decided that it is her mission in life to kill it regardless if its making noise around the house or sitting still in the closet - if she sees it she attacks with a vengeance. The scary part is she does the same to the evil lawn mower and this is more than our mom can take so we are locked up, losing our minds, while it runs around our lawn! When are these humans going to get with the pug-program?
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  4. I hated the vacoom, but mom fills her pockets with treats and tosses them all over the floor while she vacooms. Now I LOVE when she takes the machine out! But I wasn't trying to attack it, I was terrified of it.


  5. The vacoom is a pretty scary machine. You are so brave to stand your ground and bark at it. I usually run and hide.