Friday, March 18, 2011

The count down begins

The countdown begins to my orb fix...That pic is me, with my orbs at full power, even when I was a pugger-pup. I've been trying to keep my spirits up, by playing and being...well...a pug! Like, today, I came home from daycare, and found my Daddy. Since I know he LOVES to clean up my jowl juice, I went and dribbled as much as I could, right at his feet. When he shook his head and sighed, I knew he was gonna get the Jowl Juice Towel. I snatched the towel, and do what any proper pug would do...I ran with it! But, Daddy got it back, so I had to go to plan P: The Kubba Wubba, and of course, Daddy fell for it.

We played a whole bunch! I wubbed all over the house, and I noticed that Mommy was gettin' dressed, and packing some bags?? What the heck!?!?!? Was my Mommy leavin' me before the big day!?!?!? But then Daddy grabbed my adventure collar and new adventure leash, and gave me a big old hug and kiss and walked with me to Mommy's pug-mobile. Then she said it...WE'RE GONNA GET SPENCER AND GO BACK TO THE BIG BEACH!!! I couldn't believe it, a pug-tastical trip to keep my mind off the big day.

I'm gonna miss my Daddy, but Mommy said the trip was for "The girls" and a few pugs...Sorry Daddy...I'll see you when I get back, and we'll Wubba for a long time!


  1. Oh Bella, I hope you have a great trip. We will all be rootin' for you. Love you!

  2. Have a GREAT time at the beach Bellatrix. I hope the weather cooperates some.
    Love Noodles

  3. Bella baby we hope everything goes well with your special orbs!!!

  4. Hi Bella,
    Hope you had a great time w/ Spencer @ the beach. I will be sending positive thoughts for orbage fix.


  5. We are sure that your orb fixing surgery will go just great. And it will help make sure that you get to work those orbs even better.
    Plus, after surgeries, the parents tend to give lots of treats.

  6. We hope the beach was great and we know your orb surgery will be fabulous! We will be thinking positive thoughts for you :)
    Maddy and Owen

  7. We are constantly sending positive pug vibes your way. If there is anything you need or we can do, let us know and we'll be right there.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  8. Hola Bella!!
    We hope you have a great time with Spencer! You will be in our prayers for your Orbs!!
    Spongy & Licky

  9. Sending good vibs for your orbs. Have fun in the sun and sand...

    love ya