Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sock it to me!

Shhhhh!!!!! Don't tell anyone but I've gotten my cone off again (he he my orbs still work) and I'm back to being my old self. Daddy was silly enough to take a shower and left his bestest socks out, and I just couldn't help myself.

Now don't get me wrong....I don't actually do anything to the socks, I just like to carry it around in my mouth. My buddy Spencer, he doesn't like his humans to wear socks, but me I don't mind. I just think it's funny to take them and hide them from daddy.

Oh I never do this to mommy, just daddy. It's our special game. See I'm even taking his sock to put it in my toy box.

There is nothing better than daddy getting out of the shower and he attempts to get dressed. I was going to take a picture of his reaction to a missing sock, but mom didn't think that anyone wanted to see daddy in a towel. He's just lucky I don't attack his towel.

I have my eye recheck on Monday...then it's so long to the cone forever. Mom was thinking that if I tolerated a cone, I may tolerate a costume. Silly mommy....when will she learn?


  1. Glad you're feeling better.

    I love socks, too. That's my toy when we go to agility class - an old "daddy" sock (washed, of course) LOL

    Gracie the agility pug

  2. You look fit as a fiddle now Bella.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE to steal socks and chews . . . I mean SHOES. I just like to see my humans react.
    Love Noodles

  3. Glad your feeling better and the orbs are ready to shine.... We love socks, too we grab and run so Daddy will chases us around and around.
    Happy your doing bette......

  4. Of course your orbs still work! Was there any doubt? Hope you can kiss that cone goodbye soon!

  5. Socks? I must look into playing with them asap. I have many toys but socks look like more fun.

    Good luck with your checkup on Monday. My orbs are damaged but very powerful. I might need some lessons from you on how to use them to get what I want from the momma.


  6. Hola Bella!!
    Ohh WE are so Glad youe feeling better!! I think your Orbs a double strong now!! La Mamma Says she is so glad we don't like any socks or anithing else!! Hope the cone of shame is of soon!!
    Spongy & Licky

  7. We like socks as well but we love to hide our humans shoes-not to chew or any thing like that but when we miss her its nice to get one her shoes find a nice spot and curl up with her shoe. socks might be more cuddly but usually they're trapped in the hamper. Although if our human leaves hamper open Zoey will jump in and take a long nap.
    It's good to see you in higher spirits and that your orbs are almost to full power. Hope to see you soon
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe