Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bordie Collies can suck it!

So mom takes me to my favorite park a few times a week, and most recently I've been "borrowing" the Floppy Disc from other dogs. So mom sent dad a text message that he needs to get me one of my own. It seems other dogs do not appreciate me fetching their Floppy Disc for them and then taking it back to mom...she says that it's stealing...whatever. What's a pug to do? I look over to the big dog side, and see Bordie Collies chasing them so I had to show them that what Bordie Collies do, pugs will do better.

So the other day dad picks me up from day care and in the car....he had my very own Floppy Disc. I've been carrying it around the house for days, I totally love it. I might take it to Pug Sunday this week in SF, but I don't know if I would want to share it. So I ask any of you who read my little you guys fetch? If so, next time you fetch something in front of those smug Bordie Collies...remind them that while they may top the chart in smarts....pugs top the charts in beauty.

Oh if you're a Bordie Collie who reads this blog, I really do like you, it's just that I want you to know pugs can fetch too.


  1. Belly we don't fetch. I (Sequoia hi!) will chase a dog who is fetching but I don't bothers to pick up whatever the other dog is fetchng. And well Tuni don't run....hee hee...I mean yeah ok.

    Have fun showing up those collies girl!


  2. Oh I fetches. I fetch a ball. My favourites thing is my chuck-it. I likes the small balls not the big ones. I showed Tuni how to fetch when I met her the other day. Yah I kinda likes to show offs! Makes the big dogs thinks twice about knocking us toy breeds when it comes to playing fetch!!!


  3. I fetch too Bellatrix! I fetch balls, stuffies and a frisbee just like yours :) I have the same one, but mine is a bit dirty from so much use-BOL. I love my frisbee so much that Mommy and Daddy are thinking of getting me more just in case this one gets lost or rips one day...I have a video of me fetching my frisbee on my blog at this post: you should check it out! I also jump really high and show those big dogs up!

  4. Mom didn't even have to open your post and she was already laughing out loud hysterically at the title. (nothing personal against border collies, I think she liked the suck it part) I don't fetch, per se.I actually like to drop stuff off the couch and make my humans fetch it for me. I will bark at it till they pick it up, then I like to start humping. Nothing dominant about me huh? If Brigitte and Sluggo are fetching something sometimes I will just steal it and go to my bed. I like to get everyone all riled up. We do it more inside with lambies. Maybe I will have her fetch me one of those discs.

  5. Well, I do LOVE to play fetch, but I then become obsessive. That leads to mom hiding the toy altogether and then no one is happy. Coco doesn't fetch at all (as evidenced by her more round figure), but loves to chase me and nip at my ankles. Little shark.

    Show those collies what's up! Do you actually jump up to get it?

    Kitty and coco

  6. The title of today's post made my human spew a sip of water out her nose. I think this means she thought it was funny + I totally agree. I don't have anything against BCs either, but pugs can TOTALLY fetch too.

    Come to Pug Sun! Come to Pug Sun! We can go to the beach too, it's like 2 minutes away from the park.

  7. Bella, you are priceless. We're more like Sequoia & Petunia...Zoey doesn't fetch & Phoebe chases the one who fetches & then she barks & barks at them until they fetch again. so embarrassing. See you Sunday.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  8. hee hees!!! Oh Belly Buttons!!! 'dat is just 'da cutest phot-toes of yous ever!! Yous got quite 'da grips on 'dat fris[Belly]Bees...SNORTS!!

    Mommy had Shelties and Collies growing ups and 'dat seemed to bee 'da doggie of 'dat decade along wits 'da german shepherds and schnauzers!!

    Can yous believes 'dat Mommy never even saw a puggie til she was a young adult!! Okay Whatevers!! Butt, we's cool Belly, and yes, we's can shows ups 'dem border colliers and give em whats for! You go Gurl!! And have funs 'dis weekends in 'da parks!

    IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man

  9. bella, you are so pretty! so nice and shiny. no one in our house really fetches. but then again, we don't have a super cute floppy disc either. i am glad you are having lots of fun!