Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So, being a pug just over two years old, I am getting wise. Seems that a pug such as myself shows up on all sorts of things: stickers, cards, action figures, ornaments, hooman clothes, pug costumes...

I don't mind so much that we pugs represent the best that the doggie world has to offer, or that we are the good will ambassadors to all things puggie...But, sometimes I think that we are PUGsploited for our fun and frolic. Our faces show-up everywhere, and usually it's some goofy picture or hooman related item. See, some think that we don't have a serious side, that we pugs are all jowls and smiles.

For example, my mommy bought me a costume for the upcoming Pugoween. It's a hooker devil, and when Daddy whispered to me what a hooman hooker is, I wasn't too sure what to think, but Daddy said it was a hooman joke of sorts. I suppose, but is it PUGsploitation?

My doogie side says that I shouldn't wear clothes, or even care aboot the hooman stuff that is puggie. My pug side says that I really want to please my hoomans, and be the crazy pug that I am, and to make hoomans happy with my antics.

I was talkin' to my new pug friend Mugsy at the dog park and he made a good point as I was chasing him, body slamming into him and biting his jowls: We pugs aren't just doggies, we're companions and friends to our hoomans, and even though some stuff may seem different to us, it makes our hoomans happy, and sometimes, even if we don't want to admit it, it makes our tails wag, too.

That doesn't mean I'll wear those darn horns, though!!


  1. The pug side wins 100% of the time! My mom actually says that us pugs are 50% human, 25% dog, and 25% cat. We are who we are and that's why so many people love us and want to plaster our likenesses on everything imaginable.

  2. I agree with Payton here, we puggy are much more human than any other dog out there and so much more cute too, that is why we get pug-sploited we are simply the BEST! Love and pHUGS Frank x x x x

  3. Pugsploitation? I need to let that rumble in my brain a while. . . Yes, I believe YOU ARE RIGHT Bellatrix! Why didn't I SEE it before?And all this time I thought the attention was just because of my adorableness. OMD, what to do, what to do?
    Will there be treats involved in this Pugsloitation?
    Love Noodles

  4. tee hee b!
    my mom says she can never have too much pug stuff! :)
    i think the pug-splotation ain't goin' away soon. she just bought two more pug items and they are even on my bloggie today. one of them is even for me!
    archie barchie