Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sittin' Pretty

I have many wonderful sits, so I thought I'd share them all with you.  See I do all these sits in the hope of food entering my belly afterwards.  This is my lazy ass sit....notice it happens right in front of my food container.

Check out my orb sit...You will give me foooood....

Hey Dad...making chicken I see....this is my chicken sit

"Oh Belly....your mom will get mad at me if I give you some chicken."  This is my dad...he's awesome...because he cooks me chicken and sneaks me a piece when mom isn't looking. 

This is me sitting in the sun.  How sweet it is....This is the best sit, as my ass doesn't have to sit on a cold surface.  It's nice and toasty on this cement.

This is me at the end of our hallway.  Notice how far away mom is....this is the dreaded "Sit/Stay".  I hate this one...."HELLO"  echo echo echo. 

After all that, I finally get the payoff....dad's chicken.  See how my sits are magical?  They are so powerful, dad give me his chicken!  How many sits do you do??  Which is your favorite??


  1. You have so many sits Belly! I have only two...the "whatcha talking about Willis" side sit and the two legs in front sit.

    tuni woons

  2. I like all of your sits, Bella! I am best at the lazy ass sit because sometimes when I get really hunched over, I stick my back feet into the air. My mom thinks that it's weird, but maybe I'm trying to balance or something. I should have her get a picture of it!

  3. You sit real good Belly, I do the lazy add sit just like yours most of the time! I'm glad you got your chicken! Mmmm! Love and PHUGS Frank x x x x