Saturday, July 10, 2010

California Gurls

Now that the summer is really heating up, mom and dad have me running through the sprinklers. It helps keep me cool and gives me exercise. It also brings to mind one of my favorite songs "California Gurls" by Katy Perry. Why do I love this song so much, it's because mommy always changes the words to fit in some reference to me or pugs. We'll be driving home together and this is what I get...
"California Pugs, we're unforgettable."
"Black and fawn we've got the whole lot"
"Sun kissed fur, so smooth it melts the icicles"

"California pugs, we're so fantastical"
"Fine fresh fierce, we got it a lot"
"West coast represent, now put your paws up"

Oh my mom is so silly, she's always doing this...but usually to Lady Gaga. Somehow "Poker Face" turns into "Bellatrix"...shesh. I don't mind, I secretly like it, I just wish she could learn how to sing! I even spoke to Spencer about this, and his mom turned "Alejandro" into "Mr. Hambone" which is his nickname. I know our moms and dads love us tons, so do your 'rents do this to you? If so, to what song? What do the words get changed to? I'd love to hear your stories.


  1. Love your version!!!! My mommy sings this silly song all the time too!!! Guess it should be a summer anthem!

    Lola & The Mama Monster

  2. Oh Belly Buttons!!

    Are Momma's are so alike!! Both Married to 'da younger men, both got 'da bestest doggies..Ehem..Puggies..(we's ain't no doggies) both sings songs to us's!! do yous Mommy be Karaoke?? My Mommy goes and does 'dats and drags Daddy on stages for a duet's!! Hee Hee.. Oh's yous gonna die Bella... Daddy's gonna kill me's if he finds out... he once sang 'da big butt's songs by sir mix a lots!! In fronts of Mommys co-workers evens.. Mommy was laughes so hards.. Daddy looked likes napoleon dynamites on stages singings and tryings to do da moves!! SNORTS!!
    HA HA HA!!
    Mommy sings bad girls to Izzy..Toot Toot, by Donna Summers and makes up words too.
    Den she mades ups song for Anakin two summers ago when he went down 'da neighbors slip in slide as if he were singing 'da songs and even gave a voice too. He just looked at hers like she was a peanut butters nut balls!!
    Izzy also has a very elaborates santa baby's song too she likes to sings!! hee hee!!
    Mommy just makes up all kinds of crazy songs its hard to keep tracks..

  3. Yes! My Dad does this but he usually reference my stinky butt some how during the songs...mmmm wonder why?


  4. It's so embarrassing when our mom sings to us! She's tone deaf, she never knows the correct words & she puts our names in whenever she can. She also likes to make up songs. We just sit quietly & wait for the episode to end.
    Zoey & Phoebe
    P.S. Check out our new blog: The Good, the bad & the Pugly

  5. Hey everyone! Mom is glad that it isn't just her that gets so silly around me. The fact that she can't sing makes me want to cover my ears with my paws, but I still love her anyways!

  6. Hey Bella,
    What is it with these pug chicks? My Mom married a younger man too!
    Are you saying that all these songs weren't written for me? Every time either one of my humans is singing it's something about me or the others. Wow,I am going to have to look into this.

  7. I am very sorry to admit this, but mom sings us a re-made "My Sharona". Goes like this: Oh your little buggy eyes, your buggy eyes, your little bitty buggy eye, Oh My Kitty". For Coco: "Oh you got a curly tail, a curly tail, a sandy-color curly tail, Oh My Coco". Geese. So embarrassing.

    Dad also makes us dance to techno (yeah, he is a super nerd that can make the beat noise with his mouth).

    We like your mom's California Girl lyrics better.
    Kitty and coco