Sunday, August 19, 2012

Heart to Heart

Meet my new friend Brando....he was rescued by his dad a few weeks ago.  It seems you can find dogs in the classified section of EBay.  Brando was being used for breeding purposes and spent his whole life being used.  Once done, he was tossed away.....that was until his new dad came along....

That's one of his new dads.....his name is Jay.  Jay has taken in a lot of new pugs (and a St. Bernard) who needed rescuing...but none as special as Brando.

Turns out that Brando brought a few friends with not pug friends...but whip worms, hook worms, and why I'm writing this blog today....the ever dreaded HEART WORM!!!

Not familiar with heart worm?  It's a terrible parasite that works it's way into your heart and literally grows around the heart, until it reaches maturity and eventually destroys your heart.  It's passed along in infected mosquitoes, and if left untreated it's in the Rainbow Bridge.  Maybe your 'rents stick some really gross stuff on your neck once a month, or you eat a yummy tablet....that's making sure you don't get these worms on your heart.  Make sure your 'rents give you your medicine on time, every month.  Mom even has an email reminder sent to her (she's a bit scatter brained!)

This is Brando safe in his new home with one of his pug sisters Charlie.  He finally has a forever home that will take care of him and make sure he gets better.  So please send your positive juju for my friend Brando and his heart.  He has a long road to recovery, but once he's all better, the only thing invading his heart....will be his dads love.


  1. Thanks for the yummy pill reminder. Sending Brando tons of juju - hope he makes a swift recovery and looses his icky friends soon!!

  2. Thanks for posting this Bella!! And thanks to Jay for being a super rescuer!

    Payton's Gampy

  3. Awesome post, Belly. My mom has been following Brando's story all weekend. She was really upset about it! We're so grateful to Jay for rescuing Brando!! We're concentrating all our juju to Brando and his family for a full recovery!!

  4. With all this love going around, I know Brando will be just fine.

  5. I am so glad Brando was rescued, I wish we could rescue even more sweet little puggies kept in captivity.

  6. Juju for Brando! What a handsome and lucky pug! He's very lucky to have found a good home. I'm hoping that everything works outs great for him......he deserves it!

  7. Thank you bellatrix!!! We love you so much!!! We are gonna win this battle!!!

  8. I, too, eat the beefy tasting pill every month when my mom gets the email reminder- DELISH! It has me licking my chops- mom doesn't even have to 'hide' it in a pill pocket! I'm so sorry Brando has worms in his heart, but so extra super happy that Jay and Jeremy saved him and love him are going to fix his heart in more ways than one.
    Lola (ya know- the one from Lafayette)

  9. Please tell Jay thank you so much for rescuing Brando...we are all rescue pugs at this house, so brando's story hits close to our really likes his name also..he is a cutie..sending him juju, hugs, more hugs and a few kisses...
    stella rose

  10. Sniff, sniff. That is one emotionally charged post. Great job.
    Love Noodles