Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I think I'm a bunny rabbit

Mommy says I'm a pug all the time because on occasion I think I'm a bunny. I like to hop when I run, eat grass and now carrots! Tonight mommy gave me some yummy carrots to eat and this picture caught the ecstasy that is the carrot. I love to crunch it and play with it. I break it into little pieces to leave all around the house for later, or for daddy to step on. Those little orange pieces make me soooo happy. Mommy says they're better than a dog treat, and they're healthy too. She's all paranoid because she says I have to watch my girlie figure, that pugs can get "chubby" (her words not mine). So I get to eat carrots and green beans and other yummy vegetables as treats. I'm happy, it's food right?
So today was daddy and me day, I had such a great time. We went for walks, well when it wasn't raining, and played ballee. In the afternoon we curled up on the sofa and watched "the doctors" with our eyes closed. I'm sure some snoring was involved, but we're not going to tell mommy, it's our secret. Once mommy got home from work we all went to the pet store and I got some new treats and a new food bowl. Everyone loved me and wanted to say hi to me. I can't help how cute I am, it just comes naturally. After we all had dinner we camped out on the sofa to watch "American Idol" then fall asleep. I did wake up long enough to post this blog. So night for now, I'm going back to sleep.


  1. Hi Bellatrix...my favorite is sweet potato. My human will give it to me and my dog brothers. Of course we have to do something for it...sit, leave it, shake. But hey if it means getting some sweet potato I can indulge the humans.

  2. Hi Rosie, my mom tried pumpkin with me and I didn't like it. She said she'll try the sweet potato and see if I fancy that. Thanks for the suggestion, I'm all about food, plus mom doesn't even make me work for it, she just gives it to me! crazy huh?