Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm a puppy school graduate!

So tonight was a great night. I graduated from my puppy class and I was on top of my game. I had some hard things to do, but my mom and dad gave me lots of encouragement and I didn't want to let them down. I had to do this really cool relay race where I had to run to different posts and do some commands. I did it with mommy (daddy doesn't like to be the center of attention-he says that's my job), and I was the bestest and fastest in the whole class. I got to pick out a prize!! I even surprised the whole class by learning to take a bow. Mommy says I have to work on it, but I still think I was pretty awesome. So I guess I will advance to another class, mommy says I still have lots to learn and we're going to run agility. We will see if that works our...not sure if I want to run through a tunnel, or jump a hoop. Mom also says that I'm smart and that I've got to use my brain to do more than get in trouble. To me trouble is more fun. I took a picture with my diploma, but daddy has to put in the computer. I'll post it tomorrow.
So I'm off to doggie daycare tomorrow, I know I'm gonna have fun. I hope everyone likes me there and that I make lots of new friends. Mommy says it's just like the dog park, and that I'll have lots of things to sniff and that I will get to wrestle with lots of dogs! She says that because it's raining, I can't go to the dog park. I miss all my buddies there and I hope to see them soon. So rain please go away...I miss Spencer.

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