Wednesday, January 27, 2010

time to play stickball

So I was super duper excited today because mommy and daddy were off work and that means......park time! They first took me to get something called coffee (they said priorities were in order) then off to the park. It was a little overcast and the ground was still wet, but I didn't care. We walked around the park twice and I had such a great time. The grass was tall and perfect for hiding a pug trying to get into a little trouble. I also had my choice of the best sticks. It's been real windy so the trees have all lost limbs, so I was in stick heaven. After our monster walk I quickly fell asleep. It was bliss.
Mommy and daddy had to run errands, so I got to watch whatever I wanted on TV (I'm a sucker for Maury) and got undisturbed rest. When they got home they were all was sunny outside! Daddy grabbed my leash and the three of us were off. We walked all over the neighborhood and the local park, the sun felt great on my little toes. We went out for a long time, until the sun went to sleep. After dinner, mom and I were playing ball and she noticed some blood on my toy. My mouth was bleeding! She gave me a carrot (yummers) and I got to chewing then out popped another tooth. Mom got all excited and gave me a big hug and kiss, she's kinda weird sometimes. So all in all today was fun. I spent a lot of time with my daddy and mommy and had fun outside. Tomorrow I get to hang out at doggie daycare, and I can't wait!


  1. Hi Bellatrix. Thanks to something called a "lay off" my human is at home with me and my dog brothers all day now. She says we're going to the dog park, Pet Food Express and might learn a few new tricks!!!

  2. sorry to hear about the "lay off", but now you get to have your humans with you a lot. Your human may seem a little sad for a while, make sure you give her lots of love and kisses. Those make everything better.