Saturday, January 23, 2010

welcome back sunshine

My wishes were answered today when I woke up from my morning nap...there was sun! Mom and I were so excited, so we decided to play for a while in the backyard. See the smile on my face? That was for the happiness in my heart over that sun shining down on me and mommy. We were giddy with it. Mom even let me play with ice cubes, which is like my favorite thing ever! After I lost interest in the backyard, mom and I headed off to the park. I was a little sad to see the dog park not open, but I still went around the park a couple of times and met some nice dog friends on leash. Mom had to run some errands so I took a nap in the crate, but it was ok, my view was of the sun shining in the backyard. I was happy. Once mom got home we took a long walk in the neighborhood. Everyone was out playing in the sunshine, we even got to play with some kids up the street. I had such a great time today that I dont' want the sun to ever go away again. I hope the sun stays around for a while because I miss it when it goes away. I'm off to go and play with daddy...

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