Friday, May 28, 2010


So on my last post everyone thought I was a cute pug puppy and thanks for all your compliments! It was real sweet and got mom thinking about my first baby pictures. See mom likes to take lots of pictures of me, so I am pretty comfortable having a camera lens shoved in my face. One of the first things she taught me was "Watch me" just so she could take pictures of me. I know hearing those words means I put my best orb forwards then get ready to be blinded by a flash of light, then comes the oooooooooodles of love and hugs mom gives me when her picture comes out perfect. See this relationship with the camera started upon our first meeting....let me tell you my story.
Mom and dad come to pick me up at the airport...long story short mom wanted a black female pug and couldn't find one in California...I come from Idaho. So mom and dad pick me up from the airport and it was love at first sight. I mean who wouldn't love me...even with my little ummm...difference. So anywho, dad was driving and I was all over mom's lap, chewing and nibbling on everything. They thought..."Ut Oh, what did we get ourselves into?" Hey mom FYI, you named me after a ruckus making...hell bent on killing Dumbledore witch...what did you expect...Hermione?? anyways. Dad tells mom he needs gas...we pull into a station...and this was one of the first pictures taken of me! I'm 7 weeks old and 3.2 lbs in this picture. Dad asked me to crop him out something about a chin or two....whatevs.

This was my first bath....this is my first night home and I fit in the sink! Oh to be so tiny again when I could eat anything and not have to worry about calories. I'm happy to report that despite my look of dread in this picture, I actually love baths. In fact, mom and dad claim I'm a voyeur and like to watch them shower....something about privacy blah blah blah...I just tune them's surprisingly easy to do.

So I was hoping some of you in the blog world would post either baby pictures, or pictures of when you first came home etc. I would love to hear your stories and see your pictures.


  1. We love your cute story! And you are so tiny as a puppy. Mom and Dad drove out in a Nor'Easter storm to get little old me...that scared me! I thought these people are nuts. Well turns out I was right! Have any pictures with your first toys?


  2. My human says your pisctures have gone from ridiculously to "certifiably insane" cute. I can't believe you used to fit in a sink!

    I was 5 or 6 months old when I came here so we don't have any crazy-cute baby pictures. But this is the first picture my human ever took of me. It was my first time at the beach too.

  3. AWW!! O.K. Bella!! Yousa officially 'da cutest wittle Puppys evers!!!

    Mommy and Daddy don't have baby pictures of us 'cuz day rescued us...but whens day dids 'dere eight years first date anniversary post from May 4th...'dose are the youngest pix of us they've got!! They took 'dem whens they first gots us! But no baby photos :(
    oh's wells! Mommy always be wanting to knows and stuffs what we's looks like as puppies.
    They gots Me from Northern Illinois Pug Rescue, Izzy from Dixon (but the peeps didn't provide Mommy with any baby photos) and Anakin came from union Il, and lived in a barn (and 'dose peeps certainly didn't take photos of him)
    But we's keep telling Mommy 'dats we's were cutes!!
    now's yous all growns and stuffs and yousa still cutes!!

  4. Bellatrix, you are such a doll!! You were definitely a cute baby!! The momma has no baby pictures of me. I was almost 4 years old by the time we got together. But momma does have the first picture she took of me on the side bar of my blog! I'm sitting in the car with a big old smile on my face!! I was so happy to be going home with her!!! Since then, the momma has taken plenty of pictures of me!