Tuesday, May 11, 2010

allergic to pugs?

So some of you may know that I suffer from the dreaded allergies! Since I'm so young and mom hasn't ever had a pug before, we didn't know that pugs could get allergies. So mom and dad had to hit up all the computer sites to see what my symptoms meant. There's a lot of information out there about allergies. First off, my symptoms weren't typical for allergies. See I had a lot of sneezing going on, and my orbs would water (I know my best feature!), and I would errr I guess you could say snore (I know not very lady like- but in my defense I was congested). I would only get this way after running through my beloved grass (mom says I'm no longer allowed to eat grass-see my earlier blogs about my grass ordeal). Mom asked fellow pug owners if their precious pugs too had these symptoms...most said yes and that their pugs also itched really bad. So mom called the vet and I had to take some pills, which didn't help and then I got a sinus infection. I'm all better now, but I thought I'd take the time to share with you how to help keep your pug symptom free.
First off, mow your lawn and avoid running through thick grass. If they do, wash them down after with a wet cloth or give them a bath. Next wipe down their crate and run all bedding trough a dryer cycle. The heat will get the allergens removed. Also, wash toys and run stuffed toys through a wash cycle. Consult your vet you may need meds to help with them. I know this may seem like a lot, but all these helped me become allergy free!


  1. Heya Bella-T!

    Geesh. Between your grass and my rocks/woodchips, we're kinda high maintenance, huh?

    So the pills didn't work but washing and dryering did? That's so cool. Taking pills totally sucks!

    Glad you're feeling better :)

  2. Hi Bellatrix, I'm so glad your Mom and Dad found a way to help you feel better. I don't know if you take it already, but we use fish oil to help our skin. Mom puts in our food every day it has all the essential fatty acids. It really helped us.

  3. I get watery eyes and a runny nose too in the spring! The momma gives me a benadryl and I feel all better!! But Madie has really bad allergies!! She gets all itchy and has to have steroids and an itch stick. Poor thing!! Glad your momma and daddy found what works for you!!



  4. Oh Bella!! We are so sorry you had all these problems!! I made my friend Pearly Pearl a card to trys to makes her feels better!! I will makes my Bella ones too! You are my girl too and I wish you wells!! I am so glad to hear 'dats you feels betters and your Mommy and Daddy be doing alls those things for you!! They loves you lots...as do your bloggy friends!!
    But Bella... (hee hees) Tell your Momma 'Dats a BIG GIANT COOKIE will helps your allergies too!! Oh's and use your orbs when you tells her!! *Winky* *Winks* ;@)
    Loves, Josie