Saturday, May 15, 2010

vacation time at grandma's

Some of you may be wondering where I've been, I mean it's totally cool that you guys take the time to read this blog, so I want to make sure it's worth your time. See mom usually writes these blogs for me...with my input of course, and if you haven't noticed lately we've been MIA. Well, it seems mom and dad really thought they needed a vacation...and that included time away from me! That was wrong on so many levels might I add. I mean sure I like to wake mom up EVERY morning at 6am (I'm hungry!!!) and sure I demand lots of play time with Spencer, and well multiple trips to the dog park, walks and twice weekly visits to daycare, oh and I require feedings and snuggle time and sofa time with mom or dad (I don't discriminate against lap time), so I guess I can see where mom and dad needed a little break. So off they went to Disneyland (mom's favorite place on the planet with or without dad), and I went off to Grandma's.

See Grandma's house is fun fun fun! She was the first to let me sneak onto the sofa (shhh don't tell daddy), and grandma lets me get away with pretty much anything (she is a total sucker for my orbs--err "hi grandma if you're reading this"). So I don't mind mom and dad leaving me for a while...they usually come back in a good mood-something about actually sleeping until they feel like getting up, and they usually bring me back something (it's all about mom's Italian guilt).

So while they went away, I hung out with grandma and woke her up at 6am! Grandma can't blog, something about not having computers when she grew up, and how they used smoke signals to communicate-whatever! So I spoke to mom on the phone and told her she had to blog at least once(that was the allergy blog). Plus I didn't want to loose anyone who is super cool enough to read my blogs. I didn't want them to think I didn't appreciate them. So now that mom and dad are home, blogging will continue! Thanks for reading gang, and I hope my future blogs will continue without interruption (so mom and dad...that means no more vacations!!)


  1. Don't worry, Bellatrix, I will remain super cool enough to keep reading your bloggies! My mom has this thingy called an RSS Reader and that means she gets a list everyday of whose blog is the first to read and so on and so on. Soooo to be fair to everyone, she reads from the newest blog on down the line until she falls asleep, gets stared down by her hubby-to-be to actually spend with him instead of with the computer AND guess what? Yours was 1st on the list just a few seconds ago!
    How funny that your grandma used smoke signals to write to people back in the old days! Butt I wonder if she knows how to use a CAMERA beclaws I sure would like to have a tour of your grandma's house and I bet everyone else would like a peek as please find her camera or buy one for her...and hurry!
    xoxo...Daisy the Coonhound

  2. Oh Belly!!

    It's soooooooo good to hears from yous!! And don't your worrys one bits little miss! For whatever reason...If we couldn't hears from yous for long time (and 'dats would be 'da pits) and 'den you started to bloggy out of blues...We'd be heres for YOU!! Plus, as we saids befores... pugs are on a puggie wave length and I's just knews yous were thinking 'bouts us and alls your friends!!
    I'm so glad your 'rents got to go to Disney Land!! Mommy and Daddy gonna be jealous!! Mommy alway wanted to goes!! Did 'day goes on cool rides and meets 'dat big giant Rat!! (he hees - SNORTS) I know hows the grandmas can spoil yous!! And 'dose orbs of yours for sures got you lots of cookies and treats -right??? Yous 'prolly had a great time!! But I would stops at nothing 'dens to do a great big Bella Belly dives on your Mommy and Daddy tomorrow at 6am sharpes. Oh's and gets 'dats loud squeaky henrietta toy too (hee hees) Loves, Josie Izzy Anakin

  3. I am so happy your mommy & daddy are back...I was cooped up in my house all week missing my BT. I was so excited when mom said I was going to play date today. Looking forward to our jowl combat tomorrow...XOXO

  4. Hi Everyone! thanks for reading my bloggies. I love writing them, and hope you enjoy reading them.
    Elgin extra nice to Anakin-even with his tummy you took the time to read this blog. Extra hugs and kisses to him.
    Petsigal-mom loves reading blogs too, only she likes to do it when she's bored at work.
    Spencer-loved playing today-I still had energy after...can you believe it? We are on for tomorrow..maybe tomorrow night? Mom would love to come too.

  5. Hey!

    Our parents did that last year to could they! But we didn't stay with a fun grandma! That is great she loves you so much and yeah I wake up mom ate 6:30am (hehe) to eat!!!!!