Saturday, May 22, 2010

we're virtually friends

Everyone knows I love me some Spencer, we're the best of friends (no this picture is not him). Spencer and I hang out all the time and I love his mom and grandma like I love my own, but I also love other pugs I've never met. See mom and I follow blogs, it all started with Puglet (who inspired my own blog) then it grew from there. Mom and I follow lots of other blogs, yep all pug blogs, and we keep up our own blog too. As mom was reading to me my Elgin gang's blog, we first read that our buddy Anakin had needed surgery....Anakin (the birthday boy) is pictured above....had eaten some chicken bones. I'm sure they were yummy, but they caused him to need surgery. Mom instantly became worried. She told me we have to send pawsitive thoughts his way, and we were glued to his blog to make sure he was ok. Long story short, he did have some complications from the surgery, and this made mom even more worried. I saw mom constantly checking the blogs for updates. Then it dawned on mom....we have friends then we have "virtual friends".
Now my Elgin gang (ie friends) live very far from me and chances are we will never meet, although I know we would be instant friends. The fact that we have never met doesn't diminish the concern mom and I shared over Anakin's well being. She pondered the fact that we follow this blogosphere, and if we weren't pug people, we would never have the chance to know all these wonderful people. When I had my brush with danger (dang piece of grass) mom was touched by all the well wishes. If you read my Elgin friends blog, you'll see how concerned everyone was for him and his mom and dad. Mom thought how cool is it that this pugverse exists and that we're a part of it.
So while it's cool that I've got to hang with Puglet and Phoebe and they are my friends, I realize that I love them just as much as my virtual friends.


  1. Oh's my Goodness Belly Buttons!!

    I's was checking bloggys with Mommy ands I pulled ups yours and I's recognized 'dat guys.
    'Dats me's! Oh you made me and my Mommy crys! Yous are soooooo sweet! I considers you a very good friend too Bellys!!
    I knows how we's can meets!!
    I gots the ideas from 'dis nice bloggy lady named Puglette. My hats!! It has a whirly whirls and I's cans put it ons during a really wind day, 'den I's can head out west to Cali and meets you and your friends Spencer and Puglet. Of course I will haves to stops in VA and gets my ladys Sequoias!! I can gets a bike likes Elliot and E.T. I cans put yous alls in 'da baskets. Oh 'dis will be funs!!
    Mommy felt so much love and support from everyone and it truly touched her. Mommy is sure 'dats how comes I's betters...'cuz alls the positives thoughts and prayers and well wishes!
    Your post tonights was so sweet and thoughtfuls. And I am one lucky Anakin Man to have ALL 'dese peoples caring 'bouts lil 'ols me's!!
    Great big giant hugs Belly Buttons!!
    Anakin Man wait....My Mommy wants to say some'um...

    Dearest little Bellatrix ~
    You and your Momma were so sweet to think of my dear boy.
    I am so thankful to this blog world too and I wanted to thank Michele...Stubby's Mommy for turning me on to it. I never knew it existed and I am thankful I was able to meet her and become her good friend and have her show me this wonderful Pugverse!!
    What a great support system this is!! A lot of people don't fully understand the power of the Pug!! What it is like to be graced by a Pug and honored to live with a Pug!! Together we can all share these experiences and learn from one other how not to get locked out of the house or taken out by our Pugs (hee hee hee) sorry Mommy gets Josie's sence of humor!!
    This was very thoughful!!
    xoxoxo Anakin's Mommy

  2. Thank you Bellatrix! I agree with you... this is a wonderful blogsphere and bloggers like you and puglet and those elgin pugs make it happen. I care for all of you so much and everyone that posts on these blogs. I am happy to be a part of your lives and, believe me, you are a huge part of mine. Keep the connection going... I love you all and appreciate you sharing your lives with us.

  3. Hiya Elgin Gang!
    Anakin you would fly here for me? That would be awesome!! I live near Puglet, we could have a giant pug party in San Francisco and you'd be the star pug. I'm glad you're feeling better.
    Anakin's mommy Katy...I'm glad my pug thoughts helped you and Anakin. Mom says we're a pug community and we must help each other. I totally agree. Mom says if you need anything (like a black pug hehe) let us know! Now go poop Anakin!!

  4. Spencer!! You told mom about this blogging thing. Now she's part of this community. Mom thinks you should have one too...I know the world would love to meet Spencer.

  5. Yeah yeah yeah!! Spencer needs a bloggy!! You get 3 votes here!! (Oh and 1 vote from Anakin's piggy) :@)

    And yes, we are still waiting for the boy to poop!! Hopefully tomorrow morning!!


  6. Hi!

    We love having friends like you and toher bloggers too! Its really a great thing we all have here. Oh and we so think your friend Spencer needs a blog toooooo!!!

    Sequoia, Tuni and Jenn

  7. Bellatrix, you are so right!! We were amazed at the wonderful friends we have made sine the momma started our blog. They are an amazing support system and so wonderful loving. We feel blessed to have "met" such great people!!!!



  8. Hi Bella!
    You are so right. We love all of our Friends & "Virtual" Friends too. We would be lost if we didn't have these rays of sunshine from the computer in ou lives. We really felt all the support in the Pugverse when Yoda went to sleep. We would have never made it this far without it. We are very lucky to be a part of the Pug lifestyle & wonderful blogs like yours bring the Pugverse to the pugless & bring all of closer together.
    Anakin we'll say our little pug prayers for the hasty arrival of your poop
    Zoey & Phoebe

  9. Hi Bellatrix,
    What a sweet and thoughtfulpost.I wouldn't expect anyting less from you. You are right. The puggy and nonpuggy folks here in the blogosphere are a tremendous bunch of people. Mom has a button, "The more people I meet, the more I love my pug". I am going to change it to "the more I love my pugosphere". BOL. Bellatrix, make sure you come to collect your membership badge for the Sunflower Club. It's officially open for business!