Saturday, May 8, 2010

mom's first mothers day

This was the first ever Mother's Day that I am on this earth and so I had to make sure it was super duper special because I think my mom is pretty nifty. So I recruited dad to help me with this one. See mom's been eyeballing a new Ipod Touch, she said her Ipod is really old and she liked all the buttons and "apps" on the touch. So I pulled dad aside the other day and asked him to please take all my cookie money (I've been saving for a while) and to please go to the Apple (yummy apples!) store and get mom a new Ipod Touch for me. Well, first he had to explain that Apple was the name of the store and not a store to buy apples....a pug can wish can't she? Well, he agreed to go and get mom one for me. See I listen to it too, mom usually drives me (and dad) around, so I want to make sure I've got me some Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson and Lady Gaga to rock out to. I mean a pug can't just show up to a play date listening to Barry Manilow can she (err sorry mom but I don't like him...can we please take him off our playlist?)
I think back to all the wonderful things my mom does for me...she takes me to play dates with Spencer (had fun today!!), and she gives me her lap to sleep in, she buys me treats and chewies, she even changes to words to songs so that my name or the word "pug" somehow gets in there and she likes to sing them to me (oops...I think I wasn't suppose to spill the beans..) So anywho I say make sure you give your moms lots of loves pugs! We've got the best moms ever!

Oh and P.S. Happy Mother's Day to my Grandma who takes care of me...and Kayla- she's Spencer's mom and she is always looking out for me!


  1. ~Happy Mother's Day~

    Oh Bellatrix!! That was so sweet of you to save up alls of your cookie monies!! You are such a thoughtful puggie!! What a great gift to gets your super duper terrific Mommy for Mother's Day!! You and your Daddy done great!!
    hee hee hees...So you're nots a "fan-ilow?" Our Mommy be listening to some funny musics too sometimes. Berry was playing once at the Rosemont theatre and she tried to gets Daddy to takes her, but was unsuccessful! Mommy has a crush on Mick Jagger!! She LOVES her some Rolling Stones!! Daddy would be in hospitals if he denied her of 'dats (hee hees) She seen him a bunches of times!!
    Oh, we can't wait to hears 'bouts your playdates yesterdays and did see that you and Spencer had fun in the ( ) up aboves...
    Take care of your Mommy todays and sing her some...ehmmm................................ hees)
    Loves, Josie Izzy Anakin

  2. Happy Mother's Day! Thanks for being my second mom and looking out for me and bringing Belly to play with me all the time. XOXO SB

  3. You are so thoughtsful. You should check out our blog and see what we got our mommies.
    Licks you Laters,
    The Slimmer Pugs
    Pee-SSS: Dad's are so helpful...they turn doggie biscuits into dollars and vice versa. How magical!!

  4. Hi Bellatrix, what a special day you made for your Mom. I think you should get some treats for getting psyched out by the Apple store thing.If you get an apple though, be careful not to eat the stem or seeds. They can make you very sick.

  5. Bellatrix, you are positively adorable! I feel we would be fast friends if we met. So happy you and your dad got your mom the iPod Touch. My own mommy is eying the iPad or Kindle... SO, I might have to convince dad that we need to head to Apple ourselves and get her one!
    -Flora the Pug

  6. Bellatrix you are such a great little girl! You saved your treat moneys and got somethings great for your Mom! You are a sweetie pie!

  7. What a special gift you picked out for your mom! I'm sure you're rocking along to Lady Gaga's Pugarazzi!