Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weigh in Wednesday

So you know how mom's all "Oh Bellatrix you're looking a little chunky lately", so now she's making me weigh in every Wednesday. Worse yet? I have to blog to y'all about it. So I tried my best to orb her out of making me get weighed, but this time, my orbs failed.

I really hate to get on any scale, but this irks me. Why? Because I am convinced it lies! I'm not going to get on it willingly.

The closer I get to it, the less I want on it. I know that if that number is too high, my treats go away! GRRRR

Ah man...that can't be right!! 23 lbs!! Impossible! I have to pee, I have to poo, I didn't think light thoughts, I just ate, I'm bloated....I give up....OK mom, I guess I don't get treats anymore until I'm back down to 20 lbs.

So Phoebe/Zoey's mom had an awesome idea....alternate pug Sunday! Do any bay area pugs want to meet up at Pt. Isabel this weekend like 1pm? If you want to help burn off some of your "winter coat" then let me know!! We can run for hours and our humans can walk and gossip too! Spread the word!!!


  1. Oh no, not a weekly weigh in! We are here for any moral support you may need or ideas on how to loose a scale.
    We also will be at Pt. Isabel this weekend. Can't wait to see you there!
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  2. Maybe you could learn to swim Bellatrix...then you could visit me and my snow and your mommy would be happy cos it would help you lose weight (not that you need to)


  3. Hello this isn't the Biggest Looser! That is just not right. I mean, it was just the holidays, when everyone gains a little weight right?

    Kitty and Coco

  4. Bellatrix - Mom weighs in every Weds too! She goes to a place called Jenny Craig. She says she lost a pug: 25 lbs.
    We hope you don't get all lost!

  5. Hi Bellatrix,
    Oh no! Not a weigh in? I had to do that at the airport before I could get on the plane. A whopping 12 #, like that is really going to affect the plane. Hehee.

    One suggestion, make sure you're not wearing a collar or harness for the weigh in. Oh, ask your human's to give you a pedicure. Any little bit helps!