Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Loco for Pollo!!

Today I was feeling kinda blah. Mom wasn't home last night, and I kept Daddy up until 4am. I was missing mom a lot....

Um daddy...whatcha doing up there?? Something smells soooooo unbelievably good up there.

Daaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyy....don't ignore me!!!

You leave me no choice Daddy. Prepare to be orb'd!! I know you're cooking something real yummy up there. It needs to be in my belly!!

You're making teryaki chickens for mommy, so that means you're making me some plain chicken too! I know you are, so give it up.

You gave in to the power of the orbs, and I got me some delicious chicken. Sucka!!


  1. Bella, you're amazing! Inspired by you, I've been workin' the orbs on my humans-- big time! Unfortunately, I'm no where near the master that you are. I rarely score good eats like that!!! You're my hero.

  2. Oh yeah, that's right, he BETTER give you that chicken. I always send Brigitte to demand a bite for us. I think my little Sluggo is allergic though. He got boiled chicken last week for being pukey and started rubbing his mug all over the place after. Poor guy.

  3. Hi Bella, I scratch my moms leg like that and she tells me *keep doing that it feels good*.
    Now my sister Ellie is the master at getting food from mom...then we all get something.
    Emmitt from San Antoio

  4. OOOOOH! I SO wanna be in YOUR house Bellatrix! My Mommy is a vegetarian so it takes A LOT of orbing for me to get chicken flesh.
    My mouth is watering. . .
    Love Noodles

  5. Those are some powerful orbs Bellatrix and some fine looking chicken yum!

  6. You need to hold an Orb seminar, Bella. There seems to be a lot of us pugs in need of your tutorage. Your kung fu is strong.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe