Thursday, January 27, 2011


Well...a day late on my Wednesday Weigh in...BUT...22.4 pounds!!!! Holy snorty!!!! I can't believe it. Daddy says there might be a "margin of error." He watches too much nerdy TV, and I don't know what that means, but I am a bit more skinnier, and for a pug, that ain't bad!!

So, how does Mommy get all excited and praise The Belly over my shrinkin' Belly? By giving me a treat! One of my most favorite of treats...whippin cream!!!!

Now, it may seem bad to give a sweet treat, but it was only a itty-bitty bit, and it's so special that I want to keep my puggy self extra lean!

It's been warm and dry, so I can go on hikes and outdoor adventures, which probably helped. The BIG drawback....The delicious brown boxes have stopped coming to the door....And that's some snorty-sadness.


  1. Bellatrix, there is nothing wrong with a sweet treat once in awhile!! We can eat whatever we want in moderation!! A girl's got to maintain her curves!! =)



  2. Great job on shedding some weight. I have never tried whipped cream. I shall have to make mom get me some. Looking good.


  3. Yay Bellatrix! Congrats on the successful TRIM DOWN. I am on a - you know - because I tipped the scales at 17.8 pounds. I am rather petite and 15 pounds is my ideal weight. Mommys were not happy about that!
    Still lookin' for that magic number.
    Love Noodles

  4. Woot go Bella! You're Mum and Dad must have worked hard to help you get down that low, I bet they enjoyed being able to give you a treat as much as you enjoyed getting it!

  5. Congratulations on losing some weight! You know, the big scales that you step on never weigh us right. We can get on, get a number, get off then get right back on and it be a completely different number. We have to get weighed on the puppy scale for it to be accurate. What kind of scale are you being weighed on?

    When Quincy and Isabelle first came to live here, mom would get on the scale, weigh herself, then pick up one of them to figure out if they were losing weight. The vet said it was probably more accurate than the big giant scale at her office. Harder to measure ounces, but you might be surprised at the results.

  6. Great job Belly!!! Soon you will have no belly cutie pie.