Friday, January 21, 2011

Adventures at Pt. Pinole!!

I couldn't believe it...Mommy and Daddy were both home, gettin their adventure clothes ready, and that could mean only one thing to me...AN ADVENTURE!

A few weeks ago, we met up with Puglet and Dutch at a cool new place called Point Pinole. I had all sorts of fun. Mommy said we were goin' there, again!

Off in the pug mobile! I couldn't wait for what the day may bring. Daddy told me that we were goin to look for some hairy dude named Bigfoot. Mommy called Daddy silly...

Ut oh...rules....I was let off the leash, but had to promise that I wouldn't chase anyone or any critter...During the adventure, I was really good, and I only had one small issue with a bicycle.

Look at that long road to pug play bliss...I ran and sniffed and ate things I shouldn't...

I wanted Mommy to follow me, but she said she was a city girl. Daddy followed, looking for the Bigfoot, but we gave up when I got distracted, and wandered in another direction...Silly pug brain!

We came prepared! Daddy brought his adventure knife, Mommy brought the pooper bags, and water! I needed a lot of water, 'cause I heat up really fast.

I was always on high alert for everything! Mommy said there were goats, horses and monsters! Last time, Puglet was attacked by a Squirrel! Not this time, though...We only ran into a few people running for no reason (silly hoomans) and a few dogs that said hi, but didn't want to play.

Towards the end, I was deep into the dark forest. Never saw Daddy's Bigfoot. I ran, jumped and
chewed on the sticks. It was sooo much fun, just to be a doggie!

Too bad, it had to end...This Sunday, Me and Spencer are going back!!! We'll be there aboot 9AM, if anyone wants to meet...I can give a tour! And maybe we'll find Bigfoot! I really want to meet him. Maybe we can play with my flappy, together?

Here's a link to Point Pinole: POINT PINOLE


  1. Hey Bella,

    Looks like you had great funny running and looking for Bigfoot whatever that is..
    Can't wait to hear about your next adventure.

    Rambo and Miss Ellie

    ps; Mom got us Best Bully Sticks, Thanks for telling us about them

  2. Hey Rambo and Miss Ellie,
    So glad your mom got you super yummy chew things. My favorites are the bison tendons and the twizzle sticks! Isn't that big brown box the best thing you've ever laid orbs on? You're some lucky pug and yorkie!

  3. Hi Sweet Bellatrix! mom and dad TOTALLY saw Bigfoot this summer in Washington! He was outside of a cheesy motel and holding a surfboard and giving the "hang loose" sign. Weird. They even have PICS!

    Your trip to Point Pinole looks like it was SUPER fun/exhausting! Did you get a nom from the big brown box afterward?