Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spin Cycle

So I posted yesterday that mom taught me this pretty stupid and useless trick....to spin!  What is the point of spinning?  Make dizzy?  Become an ice skater??  I have no idea!!

I do know that I get a crap load of treats for doing it and then I head over to the sofa where I relax and let my stuffed belly just chill out.

I think I'm going to nap now....all that spinning wore me out!

I did notice that I hit 100 followers!! Holy frijoles!!  I am getting on moms case to put together a super awesome give away to celebrate so don't you worry.  It's going to kick major spinning ass!!


  1. Bellatrix, That is an awesome trick! I am so MAD at you now because once Mommy #1 sees this she will make me do it and I don't wanna so she will get frustrated and restrict me to carrots again.
    Love Noodles

  2. Bella, useless maybe, but humongessly cute! Treats well deserved, and congrats to you both for hitting a 100!


  3. Spinning is awesome and treats are even better. Bellatrix, you're the total package!

    Scarlet & Meredith

  4. I could have sworn I was already following you, but I guess not! I'm still new at this :) So make that 101!
    Biggie loves to spin! He loves it so much that when I tell him to lay down, he sometimes spins. Or when asked to roll over, sit, shake.. Yep.. He spins! haha.
    You're so cute, Bella!

  5. You are awesome, Bellatrix! I'm not very good at learning new tricks, but you're are right about the treats, those can't be beat anytime! Congratulations on hitting 100! That is so cool and I can't wait to see what you have in store to celebrate.

  6. Bellatrix, that's a pawsome spin move!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  7. Wow Bella, your spin really good! Us pugs will do anything for a good treat!

  8. That is an awesome trick ... way to go Bella! Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster & Liberty

  9. This trick rocks! How smart you are to learn it so fast. Mom wants us to learn cool tricks too.
    Sammy, Mimi, Rocco and Bagel

  10. Hi Bella,
    Spinning is fun. Since I'm bionic, I spin at super-duper speeds, in both directions.

    Whoo hoo 100, way to go.


  11. Nice spin, but maybe Toby can teach you a little speed to go along with the spin! :)

  12. Glad you're feeling better Bella, and learning new tricks. Useless ones maybe, but they do get you treats, so what the hell. And all kinds of wag bit from all around. Sounds good to me! Congrats on hitting 100 followers!

  13. I thought all tricks were useless and that it was all about the treats? I'll do anything for treats no matter how silly it is. Sounds like your human is pretty happy with your spin though Bella, maybe she'll start giving you even better treats!

  14. You never cease to amaze us! We're old dogs who do not believe in new tricks but our mom never gives up hope. Your cuteness is just going to make her try that much harder. Silly humans!
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  15. You deffo deserve lots of treats for that trick, its a good spin! Mum makes me roll over which I think is pretty pointless but now I'm a bit of a tubby puggy I kind of roll half way and flop! Ha,Ha! Congratulations for hitting 100 followers a little party is in order me thinks! X x x Love and Licks from your friend Frank x x X

  16. I agree with Meredith LeBlanc, Spinning is awesome but treats are more better..lol