Sunday, January 29, 2012

Baby Love, My Baby Love

My buddy Frank really liked my baby pic I posted when I shared my gonads with you all.  He suggested a blog of baby pics of me...and nothing gets mom wishing she had gotten me as an adult more, than me being a terror of a pup!  So I won't bore you all the deets, but dad picked me after seeing this pic.  I apparently had "mischief behind those eyes!" his words not mine.  So I'm like 2 weeks here.

6 weeks my very first stink eye.  Really??  How could you not guess I was going to be trouble!

This is my dad about an hour after the 'rents picked me up.  See that smile on both our faces?  You can see the family resemblance early on.  Please note I was a very svelte 3.3 lbs!  Mom says I poop that much out now on an average day...shesh

Mom got to socializing me right away and we got home we went for our very first walk around the neighborhood.  My damn harness was bigger than I was!  Sure  They had already discovered my tiddlebit at this point BTW!

I ruled the roost from day one.  This is a few hours after I got home.  See that pink toy in the back?  Still have it.  It sleeps in the crate with me.

Can't leave me in the backyard for one second!  I thought "DROP IT!" was my name for the longest time.

Check out my orbs pre surgery!  I could see a full 180 degrees with those bad boys!!!  Mom says I look happy in this pic, so I must have just done something naughty.  Hehe

This was my first Christmas.  My gift to mom was that stink eye for putting that stupid f&# collar on.  It had bells people!  What was she thinking??

I leave you with my moms all time favorite picture of me.  I'm like 3 months old and I'm in my backyard.  She says it shows off my bigger than life attitude.  If you look real close at my eyes, there's a tiny glint of they type of adult pug I was going to be...a shit disturber...yet cute enough to get away with it. 


  1. Frank is a genius, I love this post! Bella, I can see why your 'rents snagged you up. You were insanely tiny and cute! All the pictures are so great, I don't even think I can choose a favorite.
    PS. I think it's a pug skill to hide the pension we have for mischief at a young age so our peeps adopt us. Then when we get older and they are stuck with it, we can more blatantly give the stink eye and such.

  2. You certainly were a beautiful puppy! We bet you got away with everything ;)
    Maddy and Owen

  3. Bella!!! You were and are one of the cutest puggies in the world! I love your baby photos. You may have been a little demented, but you make me have puppy fever like none other! haha. Hugs to you!!
    -Angie, Biggie and Ollie

  4. Bells, you are an adorable (if slightly naughty) pug puppy! xoxoxo

  5. that was a GREAT post!!!!!!! But.....umm...sorry to sound dumb...eye surgery?????
    That stink eye picture ~ too funny!!!
    They are ALL great!!!!

  6. Last April I had to have orb surgery Buddy. I did a post about it. Totally sucked. I had to wear that damn cone. My eyes are better now, but it was a long road getting there.

  7. You're the cutest bundle of trouble we've ever seen! Us black pugs know how to rock it :)

    Scarlet & Meredith

  8. Bella, that first picture you have as a baby should have warned everyone about you! You clearly own your world in that picture and it has only been validated since then!


  9. Bellatrix
    My Mommy #2 ALWAYS says this to me and to Mommy #2 -
    "You're LUCKY you're CUTE. . ." this is followed by stink-eye.
    I think you know what she means.
    Love Noodles

  10. Oh Bellatrix, what great pictures!! I was a little jealous cause my mommy and her her mommy were oohin and awing but I'll get over it. You were a beautiful, fiesty puggy. Funny, my mommy said she was happy when I grew up to! I was a stinker when it came to potty training. My granny is more expericed with dogs and it took her one year to get me to fully potty outside. I live in Maine, its to cold to poop outside! I wish we lived closer to you, I would love to meet you in the black puggy flesh! Rock on!

  11. That is some powerful cuteness; our mom says her heart aches for puppy charms every time she sees puppy pictures and yours just made her make a weird sound. We think her brain may have just collapsed.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  12. What incredible cuteness Bella, you really had your folks fooled! My human is looking at them over and over again and saying how much she wishes she saw us when we were puppies.

  13. Hi Belly! Thank you sooooooo much for doing this wonderful post today of you as a puppy especailly for ME! I absolutly adore your photos, you were the cutest puppy EVER!!!! I love the photo of your Dad and you, you can really see just how tiny you were!
    Awww you look really cute in the photo of you in your harness and I had to giggle that you had 'already discovered my tiddlebit'!
    The photo of you and the leaf is beautiful, its strange because I also thought "DROP IT!" was my name too! Heee,Heee!
    The photo of your first Christmas is wonderful, you look quite sad there and I can feel for you as I have that Christmas collar with the bells on, I wore it for Christmas 2010 and 2011 and will prob be MADe to wear it for 2012 too! Hee,Hee!
    I think you are gorgeouse now, but Belly you were the cutest Pug ever as a puppy! Mum loves every photo and she made squeeky sounds with each photo cooing over you!
    Thanks again, you have made our day!!!
    Love, Licks, Pugalier Hugs and tummy rubs from Frank xxxxxxx