Friday, January 6, 2012

Collar Fetish

If there is anything you need to know about's that I don't dress up.  I know that kinda bummed mom out and all, I guess lots of pugs do dress up, but seeing that I'm not the norm in all aspects, she can't really be all that surprised by it.  The one thing mom does do to "dress me up" is what she calls her collar fetish.

She often goes for the seasonal look.  She is forever sneaking dads money card and ordering all sorts of collars for me.  I can't say that I was surprised when I came home today and saw another brown box full of collars for me.  Dad is Irish (mom is Italian and has the hips to prove it), and I guess a day to celebrate Irish pugs is coming up.  I'll be getting my Irish pride on!

Then comes a day for bunny rabbits!  For some reason I have to wear a collar with eggs on it?  How those connect is beyond me.

Don't think this fetish is exclusive to mom....nope dad got me this reflective collar.  It's great for us black pugs taking a night stroll.  Headlight reflect off if and let cars know we're here...and why not stop and give me a treat and some attention!!

Now this last collar mom picked up is a bit controversial.  I wasn't so sure I wanted to share it with you, heck I'm not so sure I'm gonna wear it.... 

Mom calls it my hermaphrodite collar.  It represents the boy and girl in me in both color and attitude.  Obviously the blue is for the boy side then add the skulls for attitude.  Then the pink is girlie and sweet with the hearts.  She says it the perfect combo for her reproductively confused pug.  Oh shesh!

I swear it would be easier for her to just get another pug that will dress up!  So what ridiculous things do your 'rents put you in??


  1. Haha. Dad: what's this $40 charge? Mom: Oh! we won a dog collar! Dad: yeah, so how'd it cost me $40. Mom: Yeah. Our dogs are too fat for collars, I had to upgrade to a harness. But I saved $10! Dad: Forget I asked.

  2. Aw, I love them all.
    Mom doesn't dress me up at all. I only have one sweater, and I hang my head and make sad eyes and mope around until she takes it OFF!! Maybe it's just the blackness in us......too cool to dress up! haha
    I do also have a reflective leash and harness. Mom loves them and so many cars have slowed way down for us. They are awesome!

  3. Oh, I like the skull collar so much! Our black Pug Pearl would look so cute in that. Her registered name is "The Black Pearl" after the ship in Pirates of the Caribbean. I just signed up to follow your wonderful blog!

  4. You have a lovely stash of collars Belly! I think your hermaphrodite collar is my favorite, it represents you so well.

  5. We know a certain Dalmatian that would totally rock that collar. Valentine's Day is coming; it might be a nice gesture for your secret love affair.
    Anyway it could be worse, your human could think it is the funnest thing in the world to make tutus & put you in one any chance she gets like ours does.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  6. I love all your collars Bells, you're so lucky to have so many! I love the last one especially, I also though it was the perfect blend of Puglet and Dutch's tastes.

  7. I just gotta leave that last one alone my friend. But I'll support whatever you decide!


  8. I'm a sweater girl all the way, I get cold. When the thermometer hits 50 I'm shivering. I put paws up to help Mom put 'em on me.

    A lot of folks think it's silly when they see my tough lookin' (but soooper sweet) Dad walking in my sweaters but a girls gotta be warm!


  9. Hi Belly! I adore your 'hermaphrodite collar' it is very YOU! I love that you have a different collar for every season!! My Mum likes to dress me up, Christmas, Halloween and such! I have a lot of clothes to make me walk in the rain, my army jacket and my reflective coat for night time walks and my many knit jumpers! Mum does like to match my lead and collars too! I understand the fetish! I just dont underatand why they have to extend to us Puggys! My Mum likes underwear, not shoes, not purses or bags ... underwear! She says she needs more because I sneak in to the wash basket and nibble on them! WTFrank??? Love and Licks from Frank the Tank xxxxxxx

  10. Hi Belly,
    What a great selection of collars! I wish I could wear them, but they slip right off.


  11. I'd prefer to just run around naked! But come this time of year, you'll most likely catch me in a t-shirt...unfortunately.

  12. I have given you The Liebster Blog Award! Come to my Blog today and check it out!!! Love and Licks from Frank xxxxxx