Thursday, January 12, 2012

German Pug

I just got the Lederhosen award from my buddy Frank! It means dearest in German, and since I"m not German I told mom to google German things...hey it works for Pug right?

1.They make nice cars
2. They used to have a big wall and rumor has it, pugs would lift their legs on it a lot.  Some kind of political statement I bet
3.They have a monorail type train that reminds mom of the Monorail at her Mouse House  (she even visited Germany at Epcot)
4. When mom looked it up, she was surprised to see Sebastian Bach was from there, she said she had no idea the lead singer from Skid Row was from Germany.  (mom note: if you're too young to get the 80's hair band reference she's going to cry)
5.They have a yummy cake made with chocolate and coconut

So thanks to my buddy Frank for this award and having me learn new things!


  1. And beer! Lots and lots of beer!

    And I remember Sebastian Bach & his super-tight leather pants...

  2. Congratulations on your awesome award.
    If you are going to talk about Sebastian Bach, you can't forget that hair. He had the best hair band hair.

  3. mom loved her 80's hair bands. She said all her years of concerts have destroyed her hearing, but was totally worth it! Silly humans

  4. Congratulations Bella! Only you would write German facts after receiving the award! Hehee! And that's why we love you.
    PS. I am now wondering if there were any pugs at the rally to "Tear down that wall!"...probably.

  5. Way to go on the award Bella! And as far as the hair band references, not only does mom know who Sebastian Bach is, she watched him on Celebrity Rap Superstar, gone Country and Celebrity Fit Club!

  6. Hi Belly! I'm glad you liked your award! You totally deserve it, your blog is amazing!!! I like all the German facts, dont know much about Germany myself apart from stines of beer, gingerbread and maybe that most of them are blonde???? Love, Licks and Pugalier hugs from your buddy Frank xxxxxx

  7. Scarlet says you're right about the German cars, they are nice. It's the only way she rolls. She may have to get a job, though, to help pay for the maintenance.

    Wait, what Scarlet? Oh, she says I have to get another job to maintain her German ride. Pugs don't work, unless you can be a supermodel like Puglet.

    You rock Bella! Good job on the awesome award!

    Meredith & Scarlet

  8. Mom said something about hair band / power ballads being one of her guilty pleasure.


  9. German Pug! Wowzers. We've never met one of them before... Our dad wants to know if you drink a lot of German beer?