Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pug Doctor

Many of you know my stomach has been jacked up lately.  So today was the big day...I was going to this super special doctor that's like a freaking pug guru. 

After a quick molestation, some may call it an exam, she decided that I have a slight case of IBS and that I am reacting to some form of protein.  Since mom likes to buy me all sorts of exotic meat, the only one I haven't tried was rabbit. 

She was really nice and she let me kiss her as much as I wanted.  I liked her, and she was nice an all, however I have mixed feelings.  Nice feeling #1, YUMMY NEW FOOD!!  Not so nice feeling #2 THAT'S ALL I GET!!

Is this new food good?  Hell yeah!!  All this is for me and my belly....

I mean hello?!?!  We're pugs we will eat everything we can, but I really love my treats and chews.  The pug guru said I don't get any of my super yummy extra delicious anymore.  Just this food.  What the freak??

So to make me feel better, mom went out and got me a new "treat owl". 

She doesn't think I realize this, but it's just my dry food hidden in this new container.  I'm just miserable!  I'm already jonezing for a freaking yak chew....or a bully stick!

The worst thing about all this??  I had to watch her pack up all my old treats and chews and put them in a travel bag.  Where are those going?  I have a feeling a certain Pug will be enjoying them!  He better appreciate them!!!

Mom did say the pug guru said that she can bake the wet food and make treats for me.  She's going to research that and then I might get my treats back!  So that's my update.  Thanks for helping me out guys and I'll keep you posted.  And Pug...all these treats will put more back fat on you, so I can't wait to chomp on it!!


  1. Oh no!!!! Not your CHEWS! What're you gonna do BellyT!
    Sorry about your traitorous tummy.
    Love Noodles

  2. Oh, you poor baby! That's just horrible that you had to watch her pack up your treats! Oh, the humanity!!!
    The Pug Posse

  3. Oh no not your chewies! Well your busted belly is more important and your new owl is cute and kinda of pugesque. We hope this new food program will make you feel so good that you won't care about treats. We are sending Bella treat locating energy to your mom.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe
    Pug: don't eat all your new treats at once, you have to keep your supermodel body.

  4. Nooooooooo! This is terrible news Bella. I mean it's great that you've got yummy new food, but the treats! The Treats! What will you do?!

  5. Did you get the thermometer up your bum at the vet's? That's the worst. At least you got some good food out of the deal xoxo

  6. I think Noodles said it best. Bella, your belly has betrayed you! Goodness, even on my restricted diet at least I can eat a variety of food and treats. Sorry to hear that, but I am very glad that you are feeling better on the new food AND that it is yummy!

  7. My precious treats. I'm freaking out!! Mom promises she has some surprises coming for me in a few days.
    Phoebe and Zoey, mom got that at Marshalls for like $4! She said it has big pug eyes and she loves owls...Harry Potter reference!

  8. Sorry to hear your being treat deprived. I do love that cute owl jar though!


  9. Hey BellaT,

    I really like Dr. Ike-a-whatever (the guru). If any vet can fix your belly, it's her.

    I asked Google where you can get some Rabbit chews. Amazon has some:

    OR your mom + dad could play Man, Woman, Wild... build a fire in the backyard, pound a bunny between two stones, and poof! Bunny jerky:

    Bring on the back fat!

  10. Bella, I understand your chagrin BUT your new food will keep you healthy and in the long run enable you to eat more food because you won't be sick! Give up a little, gain a lot!


  11. yay bella!
    that is great news!
    your mom takes such good care of you!
    i bet that food is even yummier than what everyone else is eating.

    you are a very special girl and will have new recipes invented just for you.

    m & a

  12. Well Belly, in our house we have someone with IBS of the human kind (me) ~ fortunately for Scarlet her tummy has free reign. Although I try to tell her Daddy not feed her certain things like french fries and Doritos. Sometimes they listen, sometimes they don't.

    Love to your belly!
    Meredith & Scarlet

  13. Well that really sucks! I hope this new food does fix all your tummy troubles, but I am still really sad for you and your loss of treats.
    Truth be told, I rarely get any real treats. Typically all training and rewards are done with my regular kibble.
    I hope Puglet's rabbit treats suggestion pans out for you.

  14. Hi Belly,

    We are Jazz and Gus ( and found your site from Sammy and Neko's blog. We have a Havanese friend, Darby, who had the same tummy problem you did and spent almost a week in the animal hospital(you can read about him on our blog). Even had his tummy cut open! Anyway, the doggie doc said he had a moderate case of irritated guts. He's been on special food his whole life (that's about 6 years of awful Science Diet stuff) that is full of corn. Even tho' his Guardian thinks it's great,our Guardian thinks dogs shouldn't eat stuff that is meant to be popped. We're going to tell her about your special rabbit and potato food, especially if it helps you. We are sending you lots of good juju!

  15. Hey Jazz Girl! I've been grain free my whole life. Mom too hates corn in my diet. This new food isn't her top choice for me either, but she is willing to give it a try. If it doesn't work, then I get back my bison food. Love bison!!! Welcome to my crazy blog and my crazy antics!

  16. OH NO! Does this mean you can't have chicken jerky or grandmaw's famous bacon and sweet potato cookies anymore??!! When your belly gets all back to normal you let me know what's kosher for you to eat and I'll have my grandmaw whip up some home-made nomnoms!!

  17. Hopefully your belly gets better ... then you can have some treats! We don't know if we could survive without treats ... Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster & Liberty

  18. No more treats!! WTP! We hope your belly starts feeling better soon!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  19. This is the worst news ever! I would be semi-suicidal if I could have any treats. I sure hope your mom gets off her butt and makes some treats for you or else I will send you some.

    I just know that Pug will love your old treats and will share them with your man Dutch!


  20. Oh Poor Belly, I feel so sad that you have to go on a diet, I'm on a diet as you know and it is KILLING ME!!!! I'm only allowed my Vet Perscribed kibbles and a few veggies here and ther, Mum lets me have small amounts of carrott, blueberry, apple and stuff as "treats" but come on, I want meat treats like steak and sausagfes like I used to have! I do enjoy a good full handed molestation by my Vet, she is really good with me but still calls me a "Tubby Puggy" which I feel is very rude!!!
    I hope that you feel better soon now that you are on your special diet, its good that you only have a slight case of IBS and nothing serious! Im still sending you prayer and good health juju tho! I have never tried rabbit, it sounds so nice! I think I would like to play with a rabbitt more than eat one tho! Hmmmm! Let me know what it tastes like! Love, Licks and Pug Hugs from Frank xxxxxx