Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pool Party!!

Mom came home with this big scary blue thing the other day. It stayed in our garage until today. Dad moved it into our backyard and I had to let it know who was boss. I let it know that under no uncertain terms was this blue thing to invade my backyard. Mom quickly told me that this was a toy for me! Really? What does it do? Can I carry it in my mouth? Can I eat it?? Nope to all the above.
Mom said it's a pug pool! She knows I just love the water...I'm forever trying to jump into the bathtub, so she decided I might enjoy a cool dip when the temps get too high. I decided to check it out and turns out I kinda like it. Mom says when it gets a little warmer, we'll fill it with water and I get to run around in it, and no peeing in it!
I know this is going to be so much fun. Mom suggested we have a pug pool party and see if anyone (hint Spencer B) wanted to come over and take a dip. I know pugs have a little trouble in the heat, but this will help keep me cool. Mom said we can bob for ice cubes in it. Gosh this is going to be one fun summer.


  1. Hi Bellatrix! I love your pool and love your idea of a pool party!! I love the water and also try to jump in the tub too. We make quite the team, don't we? I just got home from Cayucos and am so dirty so I get to take a bath. I ran on the beach and got close enough to the water to get my paws wet but ran away every time the wave rolled in. I met a little white dog that chased me and then I chased her...but she was no Bellatrix! I hope we can get together soon!

  2. Spencer you sound like you had the bestest weekend ever! I think I would have been scared of the water too....or at least mom would not let me get too close to the edge. I'm glad you had fun, and I can't wait for our pool party.

  3. Oooh - I want one! My cousin Sophie in NJ has a pool like that too. I don't know why we don't too. My human says it's because we live too close to the beach? We don't really live near the beach though. I definitely don't think we live close enough to the beach not to have a pool!

    What is a Cayucos ???

  4. Puglet, maybe you and brother Dutch could come out to the east bay to play too. It might be too small for Dutch, but we'll make room for him too. Ohhh....we can have a really big pug (and dalmation) pool party!! I got dad a new BBQ pit for his birthday, he'll make our moms some grub. That would be sooo much fun!
    Maybe Spencer and I can come and play on your beach some Saturday....I've never even been before!

  5. Hey Puglet! Cayucos is a small beach town near Cambria, Morro's my favorite place to be- mom's too. I think we should all get together soon and play in the sand!