Friday, March 12, 2010

surprise trip to the vet

So today I was at grandma's house when I started doing this funny wheeze noise. Grandma called mom and so that meant a trip to the vet. Dad had to take me (mom was at work), and the vet said I was ok. Well, I decided I wasn't going to do the funny cough for her so she doesn't think anything is wrong with me. It's 8pm, but I'm very sick now. I'm trying to sleep and this cough/wheeze keeps waking me up. I'm one sick pug.
Then to add insult to injury, the vet tells me I'm pudgy! I have to loose like 3 lbs. I'm a pug people...aren't I suppose to be stocky? It's winter, don't I need insulation in this cold weather? So now mom says I get less food, and more exercise. Ugh.


  1. BellaTrix!! We are so worried about you over here! My mom says that I do this funny wheeze thing too. My mom took me to the vet when I was really young for the same thing and the vet said it was like a "back-ward" sneeze. I don't know why we do it but I've heard lots of Pugs do this wheeze thing at the pugmeets. I hope it's the normal wheeze you have because I don't want you to feel bad Bellatrix. I know it scared my mom when I first did it-she thought I was having some type of seizure...but I wasn't. I hope you get to feeling better real soon because pugsun in this weekend. Also- I think you look great. Those dr's are always telling me I am too hefty....granted, I am a tab hefty but you are still growing so I hope you don't get too sad about it. Well, get some good rest and know that this pug over the hill is thinking of ya (and your worried mom & dad!)

  2. Thanks Spencer, mom is so worried she might take me to the emergency vet. I've moved onto acting like I can't breathe through it. I'll keep you posted. I can't make this Pug Sun mom has to work (and I have to go with her). Bummer because I want to hang with ya. We'll have to set a play date soon.

  3. I thought it sounded like the backwards sneezey thing too.

    But that usually just makes me sound funny for a few minutes - doesn't make me feel sick or anything. My human makes it go away by doing the doggy Heimlich on me (which pretty much means she shakes me a little bit to un-stick whatever is stuck). Not very scientific, but it works.

    Do you still feel good enough to eat??

    Please feel better.

  4. My mom rubs my back when I do that wheeze still freaks her out. I shake when I wheeze sometimes too. Pretty strange stuff. It's tough to be a Pug sometimes. Especially when a fellow pugletta is not feeling her best. Please keep us posted Bellatrix...sending lots of angel pug thoughts your way!

  5. Belly Button's mom little Bellatrix is currently at the clinic. She has to get sedated and scoped to see what's down her throat. It's not the reverse sneeze..not that lucky. My little hoover has sucked up something not pretty. Please keep her in your thoughts. It's so weird not having a pug here! She should be home in a few hours...

  6. oh no. being scoped doesn't sound fun. maybe they can suck out some of her excess heftiness while she's under. y'know, like lipo? then she wouldn't have to eat less!

    paws crossed for a happy healthy Bella.

    PS: we have an extra pug - you want to borrow Frank?

  7. I hope Bellatrix is home soon and feeling better. My Mom always cries if she has to leave us at the vet. I know she will get extra love when she gets home. I always do.