Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vegas vacation

So after my terrible weekend with my new enemy grass, my mom and dad tell me that they need a "get away". So on Monday I head over to grandma's house to play with her dog and cat. I hardly even know that my parents are gone. Every once in a while I go the front door and it feels like I should be home, but no mom and dad. Grandma even makes me sleep over, so I know something is up. Where is mom and dad? I had to find out!
About 10am on Tuesday I decided to eavesdrop on my grandma's phone conversation. It's mom! I know that loud Italian voice anywhere. Mom and dad are in Vegas? Why am I not allowed to go? I can totally go and put my treat money into a machine to make more money for more treats...see the pattern here people? Apparently you have to be 21 years old to get in, so I'm toooooo young for that, so I guess that means I'm staying with grandma a few days.
I was super excited though when mom and dad did come home on Wednesday. I was happy to see them well rested and ready to hand over their laps for my pleasure. I even got to chew on my yak treat, something I can't do over grandma's. So mom assured me that it's going to be a while before they vacation again. I guess I better start planning for another trip to grandmas.


  1. Glad to know you're still feelin' fine. Trips to Gramma's house are fun. Hope your Mom and Dad have enough money leftover for treats.

  2. Hi Wilma,
    Grandma's house is so much fun, I get away with so much more than I do at home. Mom said they tried to find me a new Vegas treat, but there wasn't any, not even a cookie! So they said they're going to take me to a pug shop next week. I hope they have cookies there.

  3. Hey Bellatrix! Glad to hear your mom & dad are back home- where their laps belong! It must be fun to visit grandma though...I live with all my humans so I get to see grandma each day. And they do let us get away with more stuff. Grandma is always yelling at the rest of the humans that I need to watch my heftiness but, when no one is looking, she gives me an extra cookie or two.