Thursday, March 4, 2010

growing pains

So I didn't blog yesterday because I was under the weather. I was a really lazy pug all day long, just kinda hanging out. Mom was off and tried to get me to take a morning walk. The sun had come out and it wasn't too cold. It started off OK, but then I just wanted to hang a stubborn pug. Mom loves nothing more than when I just stop in the cross walk and refuse to move. I'm usually pretty active late afternoon, dad is up and I'm full of energy. I find the last few days, that sleeping/sitting on the sofa, is preferred to being an active puppy. Yesterday mom even got concerned because I slept most of the day away. Dad thinks it's just "growing pains", but mom wonders at how big I'm gonna get? Doesn't she remember when she was a teenager? One minute full of life and energy, the next sleeping in? She says she's too old to remember that far back, but that she had to have energy to outrun the dinosaurs. you think they want to play?
Today I went to daycare, and acted as if yesterday never happened. Mom should be happy that I'm still young and active. Pretty soon I'll call her Chris, ask her just drop me off a block away from daycare, and can she please just let me hang with Spencer without her like hovering over me? Gosh! Parents just don't understand.


  1. Be sure to save up some energy for Sunday!! The took the rain out of the weather forecast so it should be a warm & sunny PugSun.

  2. I know what ya mean mom is always hovering. Don't our parents know we have a mind of our own? We do just fine when we're running free together. We'll get to do some of that this weekend and with Puglet too! Can't wait!

  3. Puglet and Spencer, this weekend is going to be awesome! I'm going to be surrounded by pugs on Saturday and Sunday. Mom says maybe I'll actually get that is possible. I am so excited to meet you guys and brother Dutch too. Mom says I am going to have to get a bath before, that I have to make a good impression. The things I do just so I can have play time! See you guys Sunday.