Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm sweet (potato) on you

Today was a fun day, it started off at grandma's house where I harassed her household until dad picked me up. Once dad and I got home, he thought he'd try something new. See dad wants to work on the front yard (see yesterday's blog for more details), and decided he was going to attempt to tie me down to the front yard. I would be supervised at all times of course, however I don't think dad thought this all through. The theory is that I would behave and just sit there while he made the lawn pretty. Oh silly daddy, I have the attention span of a flea, this plan was doomed to fail. How can I be expected to be still when the neighborhood was buzzing with energy...and oh man when the mailman goes by...well I just loooove him!! I think he should carry me in his bag, we'd have great fun. So needless to say, dad didn't get to work on the lawn today. One point to the overgrown lawn lives another day.
Once mom came home from work I was super happy. She brought me home a treat! She opened this can from Trader Joe's (she goes there like all the time) and gave me this yummy spoon full of orangey stuff. At first I thought it was going to be pumpkin, which as a young pup I liked but I have lost the taste for, but it wasn't. This was sweet and yummy and a little messy on my muzzle. I was excited to try it, and I didn't want it to end. Mom what is this new delicacy I asked...sweet potato puree and I get pretty much as much as I want. So I was excited to hear that my KONG will now contain some and when mom thinks I need a little treat. She said we'll freeze some in the summer so I get sweet potato cubes. Finally, something to curb my sweet tooth.


  1. Hey Bella-T!

    I'm glad your sweet potato tasted better than my sweet potato. I like the sound of the frozen cubes - will have to try that one out. And the yak milk bone thing. Gotta get me one of them. Or maybe two.

    PS> my human says pumpkin has a lot of fiber and can make you poopy if you eat too much of it. Not sure if sweet potato is the same, but just in case - be warned.

  2. I am so excited about the sweet potato Puglet, it's very yummy. My mom has me on this super diet for my regular meals and so I never have a fiber problem. Mom says I just have to stay away from beef, my tummy doesn't like it. Luckily I can still eat bully sticks, if I couldn't that would make me sad. The yak bones are hard to find, I only know one place in Lafayette that sells them. It's where I got my collar.

  3. Bellatrix! Good job on your game plan with the yard work; your dad never saw it coming! I've never tried sweet potato...sounds yummy, I must tell my mom to get me some immediately.