Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Berkeley buddy-belt

Today mom and dad said we were heading over to Berkeley to get me a buddy-belt just like Spencer's! Dad has been excited about this ever since we first met Spencer, but dad had to wait until I got a bit older because you have to get the right fit. So mom decided it was time, that I should be done growing up, and we're working on the growing out problem, so it was time for our very own buddy-belt. Dad found this really cool pug store called Pugnacious and it sold these, and some other cool pug schwag.
I really liked this store, not only did I get my very own Lavender buddy-belt, but I got a new treat toy and a special gift for my friend Spencer. I did manage to knock over a display and mess up mom's new pedicure, but after all was said and done I have decided I like this new pug store. I got to make a new friend, Ruby, who is a black pug like myself...only thinner and a little older. I'm really excited because mom said they had to special order my buddy-belt so we have to go back next week. Woo hoo!!! I can't wait to show it off.


  1. for some reason it wouldn't let me link you to the Pugnacious store...if interested in the website its, the owner was really nice. It is a treck to get there, but I thought it was worth it.

  2. oooh - can't wait to see. i JUST learned about the Pugnacious store (from the Himalayan Dog Chew store locator!!). My human says we can go there next time we hike with the cows :)

  3. Puglet you're going to love this store, it's like pugs on crack! The owner is really nice, she didn't mind me being all crazy and she was giving me lots of treats. So bring an empty stomach when you'll reach your treat quota for the day.
    Also they have the cutest collars, maybe it's time for brother Dutch to get a new one?

  4. This sounds like a cool store and I am so excited about your lavendar buddybelt. It's going to look so perfect against your shiny black coat. I am super excited to see you this Saturday..and a special gift..whoa're too good to me. You're the only gift a guy-pug needs!

  5. Hi Belly - we each have Red Buddy Belts ! We are Canadians after all eh ???

    Love, Althea Verbena & Lavinia Rose xo