Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spencer Bartholomew

This is my bestest buddy in the whole wide pugverse, Spencer Bartholomew! I want to share how our relationship began. See there is this really neat dog park close to where I live and I've had the pleasure of going there and playing since I was about 16 weeks young (oh I was so thin back then, but I digress). I had gone to this park several times and I had never come across a fellow pug. One evening mom and dad braved the cold wind (hey it's California if it's 70 it's cold!), and we went to this dog park. Lo and behold hiding under a bench was this oh so cute fawn pug. Now we didn't actually get the chance to meet, he was shy and I was a spazz, and I was too busy playing with all the other dogs to take note. A week had gone by, and once again I found myself at this park, with this pug only this time there weren't so many other dogs. I decided he was going to play with me, so I went and made the necessary introductions. Within a few minutes we were off, he a chaser and I being chased. My mom and dad laughing, his grandparents happy he found a friend. We ran ourselves silly that night, staying until dark being the last ones in the park. A few weeks later I ran into my friend again, this time he was with his mommy, and we instantly had our connection.
We've attended pug events together, and we have our secret play dates. Our moms laugh at how silly we are, and wonder over our waistlines. Spencer and I just run and run, chasing each other. Often times, he barks at me to get my butt moving...I did have that extra cookie when no one was I slowly get up and chase him. He jumps on top of the picnic table and I decided to follow, after all who cares that we have the whole dog park to ourselves, it's much better to play on top of the park bench while our moms try to have a discussion. Oh our silliness never ends.
Who is your best friend? Do they make you happy just to see them? Are you giddy with excitement when you get to meet? I hope you would like to share your best friend stories with me. My bestest friend in the whole pugverse is Spencer Bartholomew and this blog is for you!


  1. Hello Bellatrix!

    I loooovvvveee your story! I have a couple of bestie friends. I also have a boyfriend too who I met a ValenPug Party. His name is Stubby. He is so sweet. His Mommy and Daddy are really nice too.
    My Mommy had Surgery two years ago and had to stay in the hospital. So I stayed with my Auntie T.T. Mommy met her while taking all of us Puggies to the Vets. Auntie T.T. is a Vet tech there and Mommy and her became friends fast because they both shared a common interest. US! Auntie T.T. has a Puggie too named Maude. Mommy calls her Naudy Maudy.
    So while Mommy was away Maude and I played. I didn't know how nice Maude was. She shared all her toys with me. Made me feel at home. She even let me call Mommys hospital room from her Puggie Phone.
    Maude is a very large girl. Or Auntie T.T would say, healthy. Auntie T.T would dress me in Naudy Maudes clothes and they were just too big. So T.T. took me to the Store and bought me some clothes. That is were I got my pretty pink dress that I wore for my Stubby. Maude is my bestie Girlfriend!

    o.k. my turn!!!! It's Izzy - My bestfriend is TheBean. He is also my Boyfriend. Although Bean if you are reading...You did not wish me a happy b-day. Whatever! Bean is a shitzu doggie that belongs to Mommys bestie who lives in SC. While Mommys friend use to live in IL she would bring this Bean man out to visit and we hit it off pretty well. Too bad he moved but he calls all the time!
    My turn my turn - it's Anakin. My Daddy is looking over my shoulder as I am typing and said hey little buddy aren't I your best friend. Arf arf.. Of course my pops is my bestie!
    Your new puggie friends,
    Josie, Izzy, and Anakin

  2. Hey BT! Thanks for being my best bud. You know, I am a shy guy so it's very special that I have you to make me more comfortable. You always know the right things to do and say to get me to come out of my shell. I had a great time today and mom did too! She loves hanging with you & your mom. And Josie, I saw pictures of you & Stubby- VERY cute couple I must say! Which reminds me, Bellatrix, that is a fabulous picture of the two of us. Mom also wants me to thank you & your parents for the wonderful treat you gave me today. I have been working on that Yak stick all afternoon and mom is going to frame the picture you gave us tomorrow!
    Well, love ya Bellatrix & can't wait for next weekend!

  3. Hiya Josie, Izzy and Anakin. Great story to share. Josie,that was very nice of Maude to share her clothes. Mom tried to have me wear clothes,but I refused! Izzy, sorry your bestie moved away...I would be so sad if my Spencer moved away. Anankin (love the mom is also a Star Wars and Twillight nerd!) my dad is my best play buddy. I am so excited you are willing to share your stories with me. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.
    You new blog friend,
    Belly Button (my nickname)

  4. Spencer...loved today too, I was so tired from it I'm still asleep. I'm glad you like the yak takes me forever to chew that. I hope you enjoy it for many many days. I can't wait until next weekend, maybe your grandma can join us, my mom will talk Disney with her. I was actually surprised I didn't get a Disney name, like Lille Belle (that's Walt's wife).

  5. Hi Spencer,

    Let's see, I would say, my best friend is me, cuz above all else, I love myself. After that, it would hafta be hmmmm... I'll have to get back to you on that.

    As for Britte, hers is definitely Meekus, the chocolate lab from next door. She gets so excited when Meekus is outside, she can't even contain herself. Then when they play, she never wants her to leave.

    Sluggies bestie is Oscar. He's a silky terrier. They go crazy together. When Oscar was a pup, he would run right under Sluggo,it was hysterical.
    For the record, Brigitte is not a fan of Oscar. She says he's way too hyper. She prefers big dogs.

    I'm still thinking....

  6. Duh,
    I meant to address my comment to you Bellatrix. Sorry