Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy's little girl (sorta)

Well as you know today is Daddy Day and I put together this card for my daddy. It shows our first hug (that's a tiny me in his arms on the car ride home when the 'rents first picked me up). Then there's me and dad chillin' in the car, he has an amazing lap. Next it's me and dad hugging it out when they abandoned me (mom note- we didn't abandon her we went on vacation she went to grandma's) and went to Vegas for two whole nights. I was going to with-hold love, but dad gives good love so I caved...his arms are so my very own Hulk. Let's see...oh there's dad sitting on the computer chair and I had to like beg for some attention..shesh. I also have some pictures of my stealing (errr borrowing) his socks, then me demanding (errr asking) to play with my favorite toys.
So see I'm really am daddy's little girl, but then again, once dad leaves for work I'm all about mom. Gosh it's a confusing as picking a sex...and you know I wasn't really good at that either. So make sure you give your dad's an extra big hug and kiss today...and don't forget your moms. They get so sensitive when you ignore them. and details about my blessing "event" at a later time...Daddy comes first.

Oh yeah...just another little thing...see all those pink paw prints on the card? Let's just say mom thought the idea sounded better in her head than actually doing it. Something about pink paw prints on the ground in the backyard and not eating the paint. I think my wisdom patch needed some color.


  1. Oooohhhhh nice card for your daddy! It's so big and I love the pictures. I bet he loved it!!

  2. He totally did Spencer....I'm not so sure he was happy about the hot pink paint on the cement in the back yard, but oh well. Hot pink is the new black

  3. Awww... that's a very sweet card you made for your Dad Bellatrix. I'm not crafty at all, so I made my Dad a nice ball of fur for Fathers Day.

  4. AWWWWWW!!!

    Belly Buttons!!! What a super sweets card yousa made for yous Daddy!!! And yous Daddy Mans is Handsomes too!!

    Yous are in such a loving family and 'yous Daddy is lucky for having such a wonderful wittle Bella Girl!!

    We's sures yousa Daddy Mans smiles big for 'dat beautiful cards and gave yous big hugs!!

    Izzy, Josie & Anakin Man

  5. Hiya Wilma, just read your blog..hope your mom is ok. Give both mom and dad extra care over the next few days.
    Mom says I"m not too crafty either, hence the hot pink paw prints all over the back yard

  6. GANG!!! Mommy thinks my daddy is handsome too. I guess I do, but he's no he's a looker (wowsa!) I try to be a good pug, you know mind my manners etc. I'm pretty lucky because my dad always makes time to play with me and make me popcorn! I saved up my cookie money to buy him a dad-day gift, but it's not here yet...he's going crazy trying to guess..hehehe

  7. Hi Bellatrix! I LOVE the card you made. Those paw prints had momma giggling, she can just imagine the mess!

    Hope your Daddy enjoyed his special day!!

  8. That was very sweet of you. We can tell you love your Daddy very much. We have our Papa & we made sure we gave him extra loves but nothing like your card. We're very impressed. We want tell Yoda, Phoebe's daddy, that we still love him very much & miss him.
    Zoey & Phoebe

  9. Your card is pawsome and it really is paw-some!