Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Play misty for me...'s starting to get pretty hot, like 90 million degrees. Hot enough that my 'lil pug body can't keep itself cool. Mommy and Daddy say it's because I play too much and cause too much pug-ruckus. I think, really, that it's my sleek black coat and smooshy nose. Mommy and Daddy picked me up from my favorite daycare and told me that they bought something for me from Daddy's manstore, The Mistymate!

Now, being a worldly pug, I don't think that the Mistymate came from a manstore, and I couldn't even think how it could be for me. Then, Daddy filled the thingy with water and started to play with it. It did look like fun, until I found out its little secret: it's a water mister! I love water, but still haven't tried swimming, and started going pug-loony to play with the new toy! Daddy sprayed it towards me from really high up, so I wouldn't get scared! I loved it, so Mommy brought to my nose level, and this is what happened:

Craaazy stuff! I attacked the misty water with a frenzy not seen since I attacked the air coming out of mommy's car. Then they explained that the misty water is meant to keep me more cool in the heat, which may lead to more play time!

A few days ago, I had to goto the Doctor's for my check-up, after the new-monia scare. Well, the Doc said that I'm looking a-o.k.! Mommy and Daddy are still worried about my sometimes night panting, but they keep a good eye on me, and maybe it's just what I do?


  1. HAAAAAA that is the craziest thing I've ever seen. I had no idea staying cool could be so much fun. My human just dumps bottled water on my head!

    Is your mom off work on July 4th? It's Pug Sunday! Maybe you and Spencer B could come? We can all do the pugsun thing then head to the beach. You can borrow my floaty vest so you don't sink.

  2. Hi Bellatrix! I love your new background. So festive and so patriotic!

    I sure hope the mistymate keeps you cool because I know how it feels to get overheated. It's been about 9 billion degrees here too and I just can't be bothered to leave my nice air conditioned house to do anything but my business.

    Stubby xoxo

  3. Hee hee hees!!!!

    Oh's Belly Buttons!! We's play 'dat clips over and overs and even made poppy corns and replayed its!! SNORTS!! Yousa funnies playing wits yous Mistymates!! HaHa Hu Hu's!!! We's crying!! Mommy had to show Daddy 'dat one!!

    We are glads you dont have Bellbeunonia!! Trys to takes it easys!!

    Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man

  4. is totally going to check in with Spencer's mom about going into the big city for a PugSun. I've never been to the beach! This may be a new adventure.

  5. Man Stubby....I'm not liking the heat so much. It makes me pant a lot, and Spencer and I can't play as much. Our moms have to meet late at night, and they leave early because they need "sleep",'s a pugs life!! I'm looking forward to November!

  6. GANG!!! I'm glad you like the video. Mom says she had a hard time not laughing on video. She says it tickled her funny bone, and I told her she better get to the doctor, that didn't sound good! She says it's moments like these that she can't believe everyone doesn't have a pug! She even says laughing can burn calories...I should be a skinny minny then!!

  7. Hehehehe! You are too cute attacking the waters! We hope you stay cools....we don't leave unless we have to pee and even then I tries to do that in the house since its so hot outs!


  8. Bellatrix! You are so cute trying to taste the mist!

    Summer can be such a hard time for us puggies. Lately, momma only lets me go out and run around the backyard for a few minutes before she makes me come in and have some water. LAME. Moms ruin all the fun!

    Anyway, I hope this new mister helps you stay cool! I bet your black fur gets way hotter than mine.


  9. Hahaha Bellatrix, you look so silly biting that mist. I for one, love a fine mist. I just sit and soak it up. That way there I don't expend any extra energy and get overheated. Just as long as your parents don't get you the mangroomer from the man store you should be OK