Friday, June 18, 2010

Holy Pugs!

So tomorrow my bestest friend Spencer and I are going to get blessed. What is this you ask? I have no idea! See Spencer and his mommy went last year, and said they had fun, so we figured we're going to have to check this out. Spencer says lots of animals....all shapes and sizes...gather together and get well blessed. Now as a pug I have no religion, I love everyone equally....well anyone who loves animals.
The best thing is, is that this takes place in North Beach, which is mom's favorite part of San Francisco. Mom grew up in North Beach, and gets her Italian pride on whenever she goes back. She says she's going to show me where she grew up and first dreamed of owning a pug...that'd be me! I'm hoping mom will slip my some yummy Italian food....Spencer and I can totally grub on some spaghetti (think Lady and the Tramp with pugs).
So tonight mom turns to dad and gives her best pug orbs (see where I get it from) and ask dad to give me a bath. I have to look good for tomorrow....there's going to be so many dogs to meet. So if anyone lives in the bay should join us. You don't have to be religious (heck we're not), but we never give up a chance to meet new animals.


  1. Hee Hee!!

    Oh Belly Buttons!!

    First of All!!
    You is soooooo cute in your wittle towel!!

    Secondly, our Daddy is the bather 'round here too!! HA HA!! SNORTS!!
    It was 'cuz Mommy was complaining we's were too heavy for her to lift!! WTF!! TOO Heavy!! How rude!! So Daddy would bathe us in 'da tubby 'den got smarts and started to bathe us in 'da sinks!! Mommy supervises!! Hee Hee!!

    We are so happy you is getting blessed!! Izzy and I got blessed at Milwaukee Pug Fest!! The Holy Water ::sizzled:: when it went on IzZy!!
    Hee Hee oh Ha Ha!! .K!! I behave!! Anakin hasn't been blessed, but in 'da fall Mommys friend and her are going to her Church and getting us blessed again and 'den Anakin will get blessed too!!

    I just love you and Spencer and hopefully yous get to share a plate of spaghetti and eats it like Lady and the Tramps!! So Sweet!!
    Can't wait to hears all 'bouts it!!

    You have fun tomorrows and no talking during the sermon!!


  2. Belly!!! We's are going to be certified angels! I think we should convince the moms to get us a plate o' spaghetti too!!

  3. GANG!!! Mom usually gives me my baths, but she has decided that daddy is the best bather and that he should be on bath duty. I love it when daddy gives me a bath and I jiggle errr shake all that excess water off me and get him all wet. hehe totally by accident. (Anakin is rubbing off on me!)
    Mom says she's going to take the camera with us, she wants to take pictures of me and Spencer, so now we have to behave.

  4. Spencer two words....Garlic Bread. Heaven!!

  5. Oh you will have so much fun! I gots blessed and there was horses, dogs, a rat and other animals there too. Tuni hasn't got blessed just yet, we hopes this fall she gets to go. Have fun meeting new dogs!


  6. Hey Bellatrix,
    I can't wait to hear all about your blessing. Sounds like there will be lots of delicious foods there. We were never blessed either, but I'm gonna have Mom get right on that.
    Mom is the bath giver in our house. She said she'll ship us to you or Izzy's Dad if she could get out of it. She's the one who ends up all wet!

  7. Oh, cowpies. We missed the blessing AGAIN! Last time my human got the days wrong (she thought Jesus things happen on Sundays or something?) and this time we just missed it.

    I'm glad you got blessed, but does this mean me and Dutch are going to hell?