Monday, June 14, 2010

Lefty Pug

Special...I hear that word a whole lot! Mommy says I'm special because of my "uniqueness." Daddy says I'm special because of all the silly things I do...Well, I was home with Daddy the other day, hangin' out and watching some of my favorite television. I went to get a cold drink of water and torment Daddy with my jowl juice (I love that game, and he'll never figure out that I leak jowl juice on purpose...hehehehehe...). As I walked away form the water dish, I saw my Daddy run in with the ever-so-delicious towel. And, being the rambunctious pug that I am, proceeded to attack the towel in one of my favorite games.

Usually he starts moaning and groaning in a vein attempt to get me to stop chewing on the towel. This time, he started laughing and said I'm even more special....I'm a Lefty!? Seems that I like to grab and paw with my left paw. I didn't think that was a big deal, but Daddy (and eventually Mommy) thought it was a big deal! So I got all excited and with my cuteness and orbs managed to get Daddy to gimmie the towel. He then snapped the pic! I knew he was up to something...He never willingly gives up the towel. Luckily I was looking my best at the time!

So, I guess I have another special thingy...being a Lefty!


  1. Oh Belly Buttons!! Such great special news!!
    Lefts are sooo special!! Mommy's Grandpaw was a pitcher for the minor leagues and they called him south paw because he was left handed!!
    Daddy's Mommy (my grammy) is left handed too!!
    They have a special store for left handers in a couple towns over from wheres Mommy and Daddy lives!! Special Stuffs 'deres!! Maybe 'day have special toys for a cool cute Bella!!
    Oh's we's also love your cute picture too!!
    Now which paw do you wears your watch ons????
    hee hees!!

    Izzy, Anakin Man & Josie :D

  2. pee-s...

    so cool of your pawrents to be so in tuned wits 'dere little Belly Buttons!! 'Day really LOVE YOUS!!!!!

  3. Oh, you are a special girl no doubt. Mom says I am special too when I do things like run into the doorway b/c I am not paying attention. Want to ride the short bus together?

  4. Really you are a I gots to figures out what paw I likes best. I want to be a lefty like you, you are so fun and cute!