Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday's with Spencer

Now everyone knows I love me some daycare, and I figured when the alarm went off this morning (6am!) that I'd be going off to spend the day with Rick and the gang. Nope! Mom said she had a surprise for me. Ohhhhh....I love surprises! Was it a new bully stick? A new treat? Mom wasn't going to give up any clues. So we get in the car like usual and we head out. I was curious...we're not down the hills like usual...we're going up like we do when we go's too early to go see him. Sure enough we're going up and up and then we turn on his street.....I'm so excited I'm jiggling (err....note to self lay off the treats). Mom was actually taking me to see Spencer? But she has her smelly work clothes on (wash out your bottles and cans people before taking then to your local recycle center), so then why are we going to Spencer's? Mom said she has to work today (Sunday) and that no one can watch me (aka Grandma's got my uncle's doggies) and daddy has to Spencer's mom and Grandma are totally going to watch me!! Holy frijoles...I love going to their house. They have such a fun house because they have Spencer there. I love to play with him, I mean I can totally do that all day long. I mean I didn't even notice mom was gone! Here's an action shot of me running through the cool sprinklers! I think I'm starting to like all this water stuff, it's more fun than drinking it!

Um OK...I'm not sure how this Spencer Bellatrix came to my house this morning and we had such a blast playing. We ran around the house and played up a storm. I didn't even mind her pushing me out of the way to get to the water bowl. I really liked playing in the sprinklers with her and trying to stay cool (it was really hot here today!) I like hanging with Bellatrix, we always have fun and she's got my back at the dog park. Our moms always laugh at how silly we are when we get together. Just yesterday we were coming home from the park, sleeping on our mom's laps, and every once in a while we'd open our lids to gaze lovingly at each other. Yep, we're two pugs in a pod.


  1. That was one of the best days yet, BT! Looking forward to some more sprinkler time this summer!

  2. Awww. BellaT, You are so lucky to have found your other pea. Spencer, dude! I am soooo jealous. I think Dutch is too.

    I hope we can all get together soon. Minus the woodchips though.

  3. So happy for you Bella to have such a great friend and then getting to spend the day with him!! Love the action shot too.


  4. We's just loves to reads about yous and Spencer!!

    Bella!! Yous two are 'da hottest pugga couples!!

    Spencer's really likes yous!!

    Ooh ooh!! Did yous Momma sees 'da Movie!!!!
    Did shes!!
    Mommy and Daddy ganna sees it tommorrows!!

    Yous Sista's
    IzZY and Josie

  5. Oh's pee-s

    'dat photo of yous wit 'dat balls in yous mouts is funnies!!

    likes it!!!

  6. We agree with Izzy and Josie, you and Spencer are the cutest couple! We can feel the heat for sure. Maybe you can use the glow light orbs to negotiate a play day every week with your boy. Worth a try. We are still looking for our special someones, but no luck yet. Met Del at PetSmart, but just didn't feel the sparks fly.

    Sighs (Kitty), and Snorts (Coco)