Saturday, June 26, 2010

My get out hell "free" card

Last week I was invited to get blessed with Spencer and his friend Russell. This was quite the adventure! First off, any time spent with Spencer is fun! So when mom said we're going to spend lots of time with him, I was giddy. So we arrive at his house (which I love!) and play for a bit. Once we've tired each other out (err yeah right!) we head off to pick Russell and his mom up, then it's off to the city (aka San Francisco). Once we arrived, we had to trek miles (and that's no lie) often up hills (work them calves) to our destination. Russell was a bit older and his mom put him in a wagon, so he didn't get to feel the burn, but Spencer and I did. Once we finally got there, we got to meet lots of dogs and humans. Poor Spencer felt a bit overwhelmed, and well Russell, he got lots of "oohs" and "ahhs", because he can't walk too good. So after the priest guy did some talkin' we each got to go up and get blessed. I didn't like it, I shook it off, but Russell and Spencer enjoyed it. Once it was all done, yep you guessed it, back to the car. I slept so good that night. I don't know how Puglet lives in the city...all those hills did me in!


  1. HAHAHA!!!

    Oh Hells Bells!!! Yous didn't likes to get blessed!!! Ha Ha!!! SNORTS!!!

    Looks at 'dat doggie in 'da wagon!!! Mommy is laughings so hard!!!

    And looks at yous and Spencer!!! You two are adorables!!! Do yous two want to see Eclipse wit us on Wednesday!!! It'll be fun!! Tuni and Winstons and Sequoia and Anakin and me and The Bean...I'm not sure if Stubbys going he's old and Cranky 'dese days...HA HA!!!

    Who's 'dat doggie sniffin' yous butts in 'dat picture??? Too funnies!!!

    We's glad yous had good times!!!! Big hugs Lady Bells!!!


  2. What an adventure that was. Good things our mom's didn't pass out on the side of them streets. Russell was King of the city in that wagon of his....he had the right idea! So happy we were able to share such a great experience together- many more to come. See ya bright & early tomorrow!!

  3. Bella-T,
    Sounds like you and your friends had a grtat time. Maybe I should have my human get me bless...Ha... Love reading your blog it's makes my mom laugh until she starts to leak.
    Have a great week.

  4. Well alright Bella,
    Time to raise some hell!!!

  5. ELGIN GANG!!!! My mom is going to a midnight showing of the new Eclipse movie...but I don't get to go!! Dogs should be able to go to movies, I mean we sleep on the sofa when mom watches TV right? Shesh. Mom says if we lived by you, we would totally go see the movie with you.
    There were lots of dogs there, so lots of butt sniffing! Glad I washed up beforehand. hehehe

  6. Rambo, I"m happy your mom enjoys reading my blog. Mom says that I sure do have a lot to say for such a little dog! Dad says it's my loud Italian mouth...I thought pugs were from China. says I've giving hell a run for it's money...wonder what that's all about?

  7. We definitely notice an extra glow about you. So does this mean you can cause all the chaos you want without getting into trouble? If so, sign us up(especially Phoebe).
    Zoey & Phoebe

  8. Holy Pug! hehe. A church in my hometown actually allows pets to come sit in the pews every Sunday and be on the church roster. Can you believe that?

    We don't think you are in the running to be a saint, but you are one paw in the right direction :)

    Sighs (Kitty), and Snorts (Coco)