Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chewie Graveyard

I love me some chewies. I love toobles (thanks Pug for that one), bully sticks, lamb twizzles, bison toobles, antlers, yak name 'em, I'll chew 'em. I do, however, leave the last few bites. Mom and dad refer to it as my "chewie graveyard."

One of my favorites is the Himalayan Yak Chew. They are are thing of pure joy and yumminess. I highly recommend you orb your 'rents into getting you one. These are my jumbo chews. Like daddy, I like to have multiples of everything. These are in different stages of chew, so there they sit in my bed, until I'm feeling the urge.

This is my antler. Yup, it's a real antler that's safe to chew on. There isn't much taste to it, and technically I don't think it's something you can break apart and eat, but if you've been labeled a "hard core chewer" like me, then these hit the spot. Sometimes mom forgets to order my chewies (or they haven't arrived yet because she ordered them late), and I'm forced to resort to just chewing this...either that or the furniture and since I'd never in a million years do that (again)!

So this is pretty much what I leave behind after I'm done chewing on my toobles. Mom says she's fine with that because one time I tried to swallow this HUGE chunk of tooble, and I almost choked! Well since I tend to be so accident prone, mom thinks it's best that I leave a bit of tooble. Shesh.

What's this? This is a gallon sized storage bag of bully sticks all kinda chewed, but still whole. See I sometimes like to just chew a few bites, leave the stick laying around for mom or dad to step on. He he. Mom says I'm lucky I'm an only dog, that other dogs don't get chewies! That's unheard of!!! I can't help if I'm just picky and like to have fresh things to chew...what's a pug to do??


  1. Oh Bella,

    You're a true princess.

    And obviously an only child. If Lincoln's around, nothing gets to be unchewed for long. I like to chew and then come back later. Lincoln chews everything and then fights me for my chew. Sigh. I remember the good ole days.


    Minnie Moo

  2. Hi Bellatrix,
    Your collection of chews rivals my collection of toys! And I have a chew here and there . . . Again, the luxury of an only pug, I can chew a while and then leave it in a spot only I know of for later oral satisfaction.
    Love Noodles

  3. Ah yes, I am remembering the days of being able to.chew at my leisure. Such a distant memory. I shall live vicariously through you Bellatrix my friend.

  4. Can I come over and help your mom clean the house? I leave no trace when I have a chewie. No bit left behind!