Monday, December 6, 2010

Random Acts of Cuteness Part Deux

After mom took over my blog to share a video with you all, I decided to take it back. Mom snapped this picture of me after she applied the torture device, better known as the Christmas Collar. I'm thisclose to tossing this damn thing into the street for the rains to take it away!

Here I am sleepy as all hell. I don't like this picture...makes my head look too big. Mom took this after she came home from vacation and I was in mommy lap bliss. She said even on vacation she thought of me...she got a manicure and picked a color to match my fur. Silly mommy...

OK...I know you can't see how cute I am in this picture....I'm not the point of this picture. What's so cute in this hello...see the giant Bison tooble in this shot?? That's like pug porn! Um...Pug...don't worry I totally got you one man.

This is the section that I like to open up my blog so that you all can showcase just how cute you all are.

Meet Sluggo and Wilma. Wilma is a Sunflower Sister, and while Sluggo is in the Firehydrant club, he's totally cute-able and so I'm willing to allow him to share in all his cuteness.

So....if you want your picture highlighted in my Random Acts of them to my mom. Don't worry if you have sent them to mom...she's going to sprinkle them out for the next few weeks...I've seen previous...there is some serious cuteness headed your way. I'm just saying, if I were fawn, I'd totally give them a run for their money.


  1. Hi bellatrix! Thank you soooo much for showcasing us in your random cuteness post. Sluggo is all excited, running around barking about being on Bellas blog. That google looks pretty tasty, we are still very limited on the animal parts due to the violent nature of our behavior around them.

  2. Awwww such a cute picture of Wilma and Sluggo. Like completely and totally adorbs! Making my mommy want to cuddle Lincoln and I all day.

    And the Christmas collar looks totally rad on you. I'm sure it itches though :)Those humans are all about the torture devices around the holidays!


    Minnie Moo

  3. Sluggo & Wilma are super cute! We loves your cute Christmas collar too!

    Snorts & love from Percy

  4. You look so adorably sleepy : )