Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Twizzle my Pizzle

Why what do we have here? A whole bag of twizzle pizzle?!? Is this all for me mom? I love when the big box comes full of goodies.....

Hey dad....DAAAAAAD!!!! Why is there a whole bag filled with goodies not in my belly right now?? HELLO!!

Fine you leave me no choice daddy but to ORB you. "Give me a twizzle...You want to give me a twizzle"


Sweet victory....doin' the victory dance. I'm off to enjoy the spoils of the war. I love me a twizzle. Oh and that bag full of 25 err 24 of them.... Merry Christmas to me!!


  1. Oh what a lucky Bellatrix!!!! Enjoy!

    ~The Monster Crew

  2. Oh Belly, those orbs, you made me want to go out, buy some twizzles, hop on a plane and deliver them to you.

  3. Belly, you lucky pug, look at all those twizzles! I just ordered Christmas gifts for my two, and they're going to have bellies full of twizzles too. It's the orbs, you know...pug parents simply cannot resist the orbs. I have a job simply to keep my pugs in bully sticks, I swear.

  4. Wow, you lucky little pug. Those look delicious. Enjoy them.


  5. Hi Bella,

    You scored with a big box of treats. Way to go. Just think what Santa may bring you.