Sunday, December 12, 2010


Today was Pugtacular! It was so much fun. I entered 2 contests, Pug Races and Best Curl. I came in 2nd place both times! How amazing am I? Now that I know what to expect for next year, dad said we're going to start practicing. I don't know, my curl is real sassy as it is. I won a cute stuffed animal and 2 ribbons.

I had to impress other pugs I've never met, so I agreed to wear my bandanna. I can't say I was too happy about it, but I didn't protest either. Mom thinks I looked snazzy. I felt bad for a lot of other pugs, they were all dressed up in costumes and didn't look too happy about it either.

After the contests, we went into a play area and went pug wild! Spencer (wearing an adorable jingle collar) was my pug of choice to play with. He was running around having a blast, and I made sure to bite his tail an obscene amount of times.

I met some new pugs, and re-met a lot of pugs I've played with before. Here's Mimi, we've met at a Pug Sunday and it was cool to see her again. I had such a great time playing with pugs, and sharing in all the festivities. Pug rescue groups got some money and I even took my picture with Santa! Mom got lots of good pictures of pugs for Random Acts of Cuteness (we're set for weeks!) and even saw the cutest rescue pug ever!! I had such a great time, I wish it never would have ended. Just know that next year, you first place winners are going down!!!


  1. Oh congrads to you Bellatrix! You are one amazing lil puggy and we are glad to see you now have ribbons to prove it! We bet next year that sassy tail will get you 1st place :)


  2. Congrats Bellatrix! Sounds like a great day! Next year 1st place is yours!

    Maddy & Owen

  3. Love your ribbons, B-T! You're such a better contestant than me. I'll be practicing for next year too - I need to figure out a shorter/faster route to the food table.

  4. Hi Bellatrix,
    Congratulations on your ribbons! They look very nice on your kennel.
    I'm sure with your dad's help you'll win that first prize next year for your sassy curl.
    I love that last picutre in today's post, the black and fawn pugs look like they are one (with an extra leg thrown in for good luck).


  5. The black pug is me! and my new fawn buddy is Atticus. He'll be featured on one of my Random Acts of Cuteness page! I liked him. We played a lot together.

  6. Bellatrix congrats on winning some 2nd place ribbons! AND I think the pic of you in your holiday scarf is ROCKIN!!!!!
    Love Noodles

  7. Bella
    Congrats on your wins!

    You look pretty cute in your bandanna.

    Like soooo cute.


    Minnie Moo

  8. I thought it was you, but wasn't sure. You black pugs all look alike to me. BOL.


  9. Bella-T,

    You rock girl, look out first place next year..Love the bandanna.

    Love ya!!
    Rambo and Miss Ellie

  10. Hi Bella!
    It was so nice to finally meet you and your humans. I thought you looked rather festive in your holiday bandanna! Don't worry, I know you only have orbs for Spencer. Still, we black puggies have to stick together!!

  11. You are such a beauty in your scarf Bellatrix. I had so much fun with you, Pug, Noodle, Phantom, Aticus..just to name a few! Good times. What a wonderful weekend...I got to stay over your house on Saturday then played with my best friends in the whole world on Sunday! Life can't get better than good times with good friends!

  12. Great job at the Pugtacular. I'm a PROS pug, and I love them all there. I saw where your mom hung up your ribbons. My mom does the same thing with my agility ribbons. They're all over the fridge.

    Gracie the agility pug