Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tree Shopping

Some of you don't know this, but last week mom and dad went on vacation and I stayed with Grandma. Well mom and dad got home on Friday night and I was so excited to see them! Well mom went to work on Saturday and I laid around the house with dad. Once mom got home her and dad said we were going some place very special. I love going some place special!! Then mom put this stupid ass collar on me and I gave her "the look". Really am I to go out in public with this?

Where did we go? Why a Christmas Tree Lot!! Mom and dad tasked me with finding the tree, a most important task indeed....even if I had to wear this awful collar...gosh it just sucked!

Well what do we have here? I like this one, in fact it's like a giant stick!! I'm going to have to chew on it!! Can I drag it around? Listen mom, if you made me wear this dumb collar, then I'm chewing on this tree.

OK dad, get to picking this tree up....turn it around...any bald spots? No?? does it smell good? Oh really, there's a lot of sticks coming out of it for me to chew on? Oh silly drag it to mom's car....quick take off this hideous collar when mom isn't looking...ahhhhh!!!

Oh daddy, you did fantastic. Got it in straight and didn't make a big mess. Mom and I totally like it. Sorry I didn't pick a white tree this year like I did last...but it's pretty impressive. Now get those lights on and decorate it, while mom and I have whip cream and hot chocolate. Oh and make sure you "lose" that collar will ya?


  1. Bellatrix, that is a beautiful tree you picked out! We can't wait to see it all decorated :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  2. Cool tree Bellatrix. You and your daddy picked out a great one. We got our tree up - from some place called Artie Fish's Haul. The lil ones did the decorating so all the ornaments are on the bottom. Still pretty.
    Love Noodles

  3. Hi Bella,
    You did a great job choosing the perfect tree. Will you sleep under the tree & wait for Santa to come visit?