Thursday, December 15, 2011

Really mom?!? Do you know me at all???

The 'rents are all super guilty lately.  They went away on vacation last week and left me with Grandma.  I managed to get into a bunch of trouble while gone, and when they came to pick me up, they tried to make it up to me....I mean they left me, so that they could hang out with a freaking Mouse!  A Mouse that lives in Florida no less!  Mom says I should be happy I'm named after a Harry Potter character and not after said Mouse.....Anyway.....once home we decorated for the up coming holidays.  Once again my stocking is up and ready, all it needs is some treats and chewies!

Mom didn't have to work today, but I got dropped off at daycare anyway.  She said she had to go Christmas shopping and they don't allow pugs.  All I know is that I got home and this giant pink bed was under the tree...for me.  REALLY??  A giant PINK bed with a bow even.  Does mom not know me at all?  I am so not a pink bed pug.  What was she thinking??

I didn't want to insult mom, so I decided to go ahead and check it out.  I mean...I guess the bow isn't too bad right??  I'm not so sure about all the pink fuzz on the side though...

Hey this isn't too bad.  It's kinda soft and squishy.  It's really big and roomy...maybe it's not so bad after all....

Shhh...don't tell the 'rents, but I really do kinda like this bed.  I guess a big PINK fuzzy bed isn't so bad after all.  So don't bother me....I"m sleeping.


  1. I know somebody who loves PINK and might like to share your PINK bed with you....

    just sayin'....

  2. That looks reeeaally comfy. Who cares what color it is. We must say though you do look great in pink.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoeb

  3. Noodle's comment made me BOL! And Mommy snorted.

  4. Hey Bella-T,

    I know a certain spotted bed hog who can help fill up your bed. Your PINK bed.


    It does look pretty comfy. If you're a girl. Or a hermaphrodite. Or Dutch.

  5. Comfy and you might have a black and white companion, how can you lose Bella?

  6. oh, the things we do to please our 'rents. like sleeping in a big fat comfy pretty pink bed.....

  7. Hi Belly!
    Owww that bed looks wonderfully soft! I would like that bed for sure! I can’t believe your Pawrents ditched you to visit that big cheese loving corporate symbol! My Pawrents have visited the supposed “Happiest place on earth” a load of times but Mum said that she would never leave me to go see that big Mouse because she loves me too much, she is however leaving me next July to go to Paris for the weekend for her wedding anniversary so I want lots of presents when she comes home and I mean loads!!!! I want treats and chews and stuffies and a new bed like you too! I can understand how annoyed you are, so don’t tell them you like the bed, just tell them you couldn’t find another place to sleep closer to you! Love, Licks and Big Pug Hugs from your Friend Frank xxxxxxxxxx

  8. oh, bella i think you look fabulous in your big pink mbed. So enjoy. I hope you got lots of treats for that big vacation they took

  9. Hehee! I'm laughing at Noodle's and Pug's comments. There's a lot of funny pugs out there. I think you should ignore the pick fru-fru-ness of it all, and just enjoy the how comfy it is!
    PS. Great stocking, Bella!

  10. Bella,
    It looks like you have enough room for Duchie and Spencer.


  11. Belly, I love the way that giant pink furry bed contrasts with your black fur. Noodles are you hittin' on Belly or just after her fuzzy pink bed?