Monday, December 12, 2011

Run, Belly, run!

So, it was a chaotic week in the life 'o Bellatrix. However, that's for another bloggy, as I have something very important to share...Pugtacular was upon us, and that means...Pug Races!!!!!!!  As you may know,  victory has eluded me the last few events. This time, though, was different. I was ready, fit and trim and ready to burn pug-paw rubber!  The first heat, for pugs over 2 years old went well. I had a traction problem (damn wooden floors), but came in a close second, and qualified for the final races!

And here's what happened...

So.....a puggle?!?!? Really, a puggle attacks my Mommy, and is declared THE WINNER?!? I know I swooped in with my superior pug-speed and won the race, however the judging people declared the puggle as the winner...grrrrrr...snort.....ggrrrrrrr.....

Daddy wanted to protest, as we had video evidence, but Mommy said it was o.k....and we didn't need to do that, as I know I squeeked out a victory, and the event, overall, was for pugs needing good homes, and going to the event helped that cause.


  1. You were completely robbed! We feel that something must be done against this injustice; a letter writing campaign, a pug race commission inquiry of some kind and you must be receive retribution for damages. We are on the case as soon as we figure out how to do all that. Until then we will protest by occupying our grandpa's chair that we are not allowed on. WE WILL NOT BE MOVED! Anyway, it was great to see you and your tired 'rents and the rest of the gang.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  2. You are totally rights... PFT let the puggle have it's victory it is all in good fun and cause. For the record though... my Dad would of totally been protesting too! You sure run likes the wind!!


  3. Wow you move fast! It certainly looks like you won that and I think Zoey and Phoebe have the right idea here!

  4. I had to watch it twice just to see you, you little speed demon!!! :@{

  5. Oh No Belly!! I agree you were completely robbed of your Pugalicious Running Victory! You run super fast, faster than I could ever run!! Maybe you can find that Puggle and show dominance by humping or peeing?? Hmmmm....??
    Love, Licks and Phugs from Frank xxxxxx

  6. You were so fast we could barely see you! We're sure you'll win it this year Belly :)

    Meredith & Scarlet

  7. You were robbed for sure!
    What great fun, all to help pugs in need.
    Licks Sabrina

  8. Wooden floors?!? Who races on a wooden floor?!? That's enough reason for a protest if you ask me, and then on top of that, you were robbed of your proper title? Unacceptable!

  9. On no Bella, you were definitely robbed, you won that race by a pug mile! But since it was for a good cause I think your being very gracious.

  10. Totally robbed! We saw the whole thing!! That first heat was ridiculous. You're legs were going, going, going, but you weren't getting anywhere on that floor! I guess they figured they had to handicap you with the slippery floor. But a puggle??! WTP??