Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Fat Man Real or Fake??

I was a pretty good girl this year so when mom hinted that I might be on the Fat Man's naughty list, I told her that he can suck it!  I've been wicked good!  Sure I bite Pug's back fat, Spencer's curly tail and steal Dutch's treats....but really my wings and halo are still intact, right?  Ok...not perfect, but who is?  So when I woke mom up real early on Christmas morning I wasn't surprised to see goodies in my stocking and under the tree.  I got this cool stuffed Yeti, the label says it's from some Mouse House in Florida and my parents just got back from there...hmmmm....

The Fat Man also gave me this new collar!!  It's bright orange and camo!  Dad says it's perfect for my adventures and looks amaze balls against my ultra black fur.  Dad loves the color orange, and this collar is orange....interesting.  I really wanted to tackle the items under my tree, but mom said we had to wait for dad to wake up....this gave me time to think.

When I finally got dad to wake up, I quickly unwrapped my gifts and found a pink camo stufftie. 

I couldn't wait to play with it.  Wait a minute!!  I saw mom looking at this website Pugs In The Kitchen, and saw these on there!  How did the Fat Man know I wanted one??  Hello?!?  Pink and Camo?!?  Perfect gift for the hermaphrodite in all of us. 

I quickly sniffed out the most important thing of all...FOOD!  I had this big dog approved gingerbread cookie just waiting for my belly to engage with it.  So how does that Fat Man do it?  How does he know what is really in a pug's heart??  He must be real!!!

Ah who really gives a sh*#@??  The Fat Man gave me food and I'm too busy eating it...oh no I said a bad word...sorry Santa...I promise to be good all year.....

Paws crossed.....


  1. Bella, I'm with you. Who cares where it comes from as long as we get the goods! Because we so deserve it...naughty or nice! Our peeps knew what they were in for. In fact I think we should start a petition: pugs for presents every month!

  2. Let me tell yous.... that man is totally reals! I gots tons of stuffs and I was super goods (well most of time). I gots some stuff I saw at the local pet shop heres. I couldn't believes how that guy knew to gets it for me. Then a thought struck me... What if my house is bugged, with a microphone. That fat guy listens in and checks ups to make sure I have been goods and to find outs what I have been sniffing out for Christmas. Yup that dude is totally reals.

    PS the halo may be a little crooked but in the big picture... no one is really looking at its anyways... they are much more interested in the wings cuz they are way more cooler and your wings look perfect.


  3. Wow, you got wonderful stuff!!! The fat guy "knows all"!!!

  4. Based on the empirical evidence in your stocking the Fat Man is not only real but Super Smart!

    Awesome swag Belly!

    Meredith & Scarlet

  5. Bella, Bella, Bella, here I am having a nice cup of coffee following your logic train nicely and then I wind up spitting coffee all over my work with your "ah who really...." comment! I'm beginning to think someone stole my gene pool!

    Luv ya!


  6. You've been better than me. The day after Christmas I broke the cookie jar (again), got into PlusOne's caramel popcorn and ate cookies. I hope Santa understands a pug just has to be a pug.


  7. Don't get too extreme with all this behaving. It's your naughtiness that we like the most. Plus we think there is loop hole for questionable pug behavior; so when we're bad we're never really bad. Stay naughty.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  8. Belly Baby if you don't believe in Santa Paws then next year he won't come, you will find your stocking empty and your tree bare! I love all of your Christmas presents, that collar will look absolutely AMAZING against your black fur, I'm very jealous!! The Yeti is super cute to play with and so is the camo heart, but they wouldn't last five minutes with me, I like to play rough and tend to destroy my stuffies! That gingerbread stocking dog treat looks so divine! My mouth is just watering imagining the festive flavor! Yummy! When Mum gets time in the New year she will post what Santa got for me! Did you have a Christmas dinner? Did you eat any of that? Well be good Bellatrix until next year when Santa comes down your chimney! Love and Licks from your friend Frank x x x x x x x