Monday, April 5, 2010

bully for me

The other day mom decided to get me a bully stick that doesn't stink. I personally love the smell of the bully stick, but mom and dad aren't to crazy bout it. Mom picks this one up for me (not the one'll know why in a second), and I am super excited to try it. I came home, had dinner and should have been tired, but nope I was full of energy. Mom gives me this bully, thinking it'll shut me up for a while. I love bully sticks, they last me for days....but this one lasted about an hour. I was sad, I only get one when they get too small, but this was gone so quickly it'll be days before I get another. I searched all over the house for it, but mom said I had eaten it all. Is that possible? Mom said we're not going to get those again...but I liked it. Mom says my tummy get upset when I eat too much beef, so she thinks I'll have an upset tummy after this. I think it was worth it! Does everyone love them some bully sticks?


  1. Wow - an hour? That's impressive. I hope it doesn't make you sickly :(

  2. Hey Bellatrix -

    Our Mommy is sooo over pugtective that she usually doesn't give us that stuff. She just gives us the nylabone that we just chew and watches us with them. She doesn't like us to have bones because Anakin choked once and it scared Mommy and it upsets our Tummys. Mommy gives us animal crackers, nilla wafers, fishy crackers. We would eat anything if given to us... Except I don't like carrots. Izzy and Anakin eats them. But not me. Mommy gave it to me and I thought it was a cheeto. I didn't wait long enough for her to walk away because she must have heard the thud on the floor from the carrot and turned around and knew I didn't eat it. Where are the humans to feed the food to that the doggies don't like. Hee Hee Hee.


  3. Hi Bellatrix! I'm probably the only puggie on the fence about the bully sticks. Mom bought one for me months ago and sometimes I eat it and sometimes it just sits. Maybe she bought the wrong kind but to me it's no big deal. That is until today.

    Mom picked up the bully stick and held it while I ate it. I was really working my back teeth and when she let go I kept eating. After a few minutes I stopped eating and Mom noticed there was something next to the bully. What was it? A piece of my tooth. Yikes!

    Stubby xoxo

  4. Hey BT! I love my bullysticks..there's always about ten in my house at any given time. Mom throws them away as soon as they start getting too small. She is a scared I will choke on one because I have a tendency to swallow large pieces of food. I make my humans hold them for me while I chew, just like Stubby! Although, that's kinda scary about part of his tooth coming out. Poor Stubby. I'm sure Josie won't mind though!

  5. Hi Bellatrix,
    We all like a good bully stick around here but whenever there is any kind of meat or bones in the house, I turn into a raving maniac. A real savage beast. I pick the biggest fight. Once Mom got bit trying to break us up. So we only very rarely get a private bully.